A simple guide to using the Firebase Admin SDK with Python to import data from a csv file.

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I’m a big fan of Firebase and have been using it to develop projects for a while, however I was struggling to find a simple way to import a large quantity of data into Firestore. The Realtime database has a nice import and export data functionality but currently no equivalent exists for Firestore, so I thought I’d use a Python script to achieve this.

Before we start, I’m assuming you have a project already setup in Firebase and are using Firestore, if…

Writing your first React hook. How to setup a project to write your first hook.

If you want to view the end result the repository is here.

Everyone is talking about Hooks at the moment it seems and this is great, getting the community involved in the development of React and it’s new features is definitely one of its strengths. Hooks are just in alpha at the present and Dan Abramov suggests a note of caution before launching into them, but they are shiny and new so who doesn’t want to have a play!

Just before we do it’s worth…

An exploration of using Fragments in React with state.

If you want to view the end result it can be found here along with a demo

Fragments were highlighted in React 16.2 back in November 2017 https://reactjs.org/blog/2017/11/28/react-v16.2.0-fragment-support.html and there are plenty of examples out there showing simple usage:

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An example of using React Fragments

This is useful as it saves the additional wrapping of children in extra elements such as a div or span.

It’s worth noting the syntax for a Fragment can also be expressed explicitly, and whilst I’m all for the shortening of code I think I prefer the readability this provides instead, so…

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