These types of articles always seem a little disingenuous to me.
Jesse S.

See, here’s the problem. Money does talk, but sometimes it lies. Yes, in raw numbers, those two box office marks are a huge haul. There’s two major problems though: one, the film’s listed budget does not include marketing and some other ancillary costs, so the actual profit is not as large as it seems. Second, and way more importantly, is the way those numbers came to be: huge, record breaking opening weekends followed by precipitous record-breaking 60–80% drops weekend to weekend. That’s the sort of trick that has a limited expiration date; eventually you gain a reputation for a shoddy product and those big opening weekends aren’t so big anymore. Compounding this is the fact that these are actually the fourth and fifth recent DC movie to follow this trend (with Watchmen, Green Lantern, and Man of Steel); the smart money would say that well is running dry at some point.