I hardly find Cersei to be a madwoman. Were her character a man, she would be seen as cunning and ruthless
My takeaways:
Todd Flora

Stop white knighting there champ. Numerous other men on the show get the same sort of opinions thrown their way-The Mad King, Walder Frey, etc. People don’t characterize Cersei as being a touch off because she’s a woman, it’s because she is in fact a touch off, which is understandable as it’s pretty much a direct result of her children and father getting killed (as she progresses further into insanity with each death.) It’s literally the way her character progression is written-as more things get taken away from her she descends further and further into madness. It is actually possible to have a less than favorable opinion of a woman without it being sexist-and a bit ironically, quite possible for one to be plenty sexist in defending her.