Fifth Wheel- Part I

A couple of years ago, my husband and I decided we had had enough of moving, but we could never stay still. I know, I know. Contradiction — -sort of — but hear me out. In the time since I left high school 10 years ago, I have moved literally once a year. My Mr. has moved equally as much, and 5 of those moves we were together!

That’s 10 moves in 10 years. 10 years of packing boxes, 10 years of lovingly placing my belongings on a truck to be carried on to the next place. 10 years of last minute cramming and damaging of (some of) my belongings because I can never be on time for anything — including the move out deadline! HA! And…10 years of starting over.

I have had my fill of eating takeout and microwaveables for weeks each year because unpacking takes forever; selling off furniture on Craigslist that doesn’t fit the new space and sitting on the floor for a couple weeks until I find the right piece. And I’m SO DONE with starting the cycle ALL over again once we finally get settled in and feeling at home.

But… we can’t be contained to one spot.

This is something I’m fully (sometimes painfully) aware of. I’m a traveler. I need constant stimulation- new things to do, new people to meet, new places to see. I also love the anonymity that moving around provides. When I start running into people I know at the store, I know I’ve been living in a town for too long.

Lucky for me, I married someone who shares that quality with me! Whatever can we do to satiate our need for change while never packing another moving truck? After lots of discussing and daydreaming, planning, panicking and such…

“We did a thing.”

We bought a travel trailer and moved our entire life into it. And to be honest, we have never felt more at home!!!

I’m starting this blog to share with you the ups and downs of our tiny mobile adventure.

If you like what you read, please bless my HEART ❤ at the bottom of your screen- All love is appreciated!

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