Co-written by Caitlin Brisson and Vipul Chhajer

This summer, Gusto, the people platform loved by small businesses, launched a suite of tools to streamline how business owners hire and onboard new employees. This launch was spearheaded many people and multiple teams — so today we’re going to talk about teamwork and how you can build better when you work together.

Wait…who are we? We are Caitlin Brisson, product designer, and Vipul Chhajer, product manager. We love creating products that support small business owners across the United States.

Action-oriented insights from our accessibility journey at Gusto.

People coming together to do things together.

When have you felt excluded because something you wanted to use wasn’t designed for you? I think of my one and only trip to Disney World. I stood in line after line with my family for hours only to be told that I was too short and my mom too pregnant to go on 90% of the rides. It was crushing for my 9-year-old self.

Whether you’re starting your own business or beginning a new job, at Gusto, we strive to be there for the moments that matter. As the people platform…

3 design lessons from experimental marine biology

It’s 1 AM. You’re stuck thigh deep in salt marsh mud. The tide’s coming in. Your coworker comes to your rescue with a plastic pipe and slowly drags you out. You’re safe but you’re also head-to-toe, face included, covered in mud. If you’ve ever driven by a salt marsh, you know this isn’t like a face mask. Marsh mud smells strongly of rotten eggs, a product of sulfur dioxide. Yum. Why are we imagining this? This happened to me many times. A run of the mill night in the field catching crabs for experiments.

Tips on maximizing your growth as a new designer.

You secured that new job and oh boy, are you jazzed. 🎉 New role, maybe new industry, and an all new you. 🙋 The first day rolls around and you can’t sleep. You’re psyched, scared, and oh god what if they realize they made a mistake in hiring you. 😅😳😱

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

If this is something you’ve experienced, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there. As Gusto’s first ever product design intern, I was that newbie. This internship was my transition into product design. Since my contract ended, I’ve become full-time at Gusto. 🎉

Internships can be confusing — you’re not a…

How can non-design experience help you become a stronger designer and allow you to bring your “whole self” to a new career?

This is a question I’ve grappled with substantially over the last year, as I transitioned from science teacher to product designer. In reflecting on my work, I’ve drawn connections to my former careers and these reflections have contributed to the development of my design process—these connections are the focus of this case study.

LocalGuide was my first experience designing a digital product, making it the opening chapter in my journey to become a professional designer. …

Caitlin Brisson

Product Designer at Tally // Visual Scientist

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