With branches all over the nation, Shemford School is raising high among all the CBSE schools not only in Haldwani but all major cities too. The main focus of Shemford School lies on developing the cognitive skills and physical growth. As per curriculum is concerned, the school lays stress on educating the children not just through studies but various activities that are interesting to learn and full of fun. This gives the students, an open ground to explore more about themselves in a non-liberating manner.

The school believes in maintaining discipline along with the fun that it provides while learning. Students understand the importance of maintaining the decorum and behave accordingly. Shemford Group of Schools is known for its discipline and education all over India.

Co-curricular Activities-

“Shemford School believes in delivering education with fun activities to provide ease of learning and knowledge.”

With all the fun activities, qualities such as self-dependency, problem solving capability and logical thinking gets inculcated in the students at a very early stage. This gives the broad outlook to parents as well, because parents definitely want their children to have a healthy mind set.

Some of the famous co-curricular activities that engage the students for their entertainment and knowledge are as follows:

· Starting the day at the school with Yoga and Aerobics, so that the students gain peace of mind throughout the day.

· Various sports involve a lot of students as per their interests; the choices include football, skating, basketball, badminton and taekwondo.

· Occasionally, students are taught about horse-riding and archery too.

· Music classes are arranged for those students who have specific interests in learning a musical instrument.

Future of students at Shemford School-

The school is registered under the group — Shemford Group of Futuristic School. Education for them is just not about delivering classes, but to enhance the learning in such a way that students gain maximum knowledge. The future of the students with Shemford School is secured.

The Shemford Group is one of the topmost CBSE School Groups that has more than 150 branches all over India. A school that has it all, from extra co-curricular activity to enhanced education has led its paths open for all the students and parents to connect with one of the best CBSE school in Haldwani.

Shemford CBSE School in Haldwani

Staff at Shemford School-

The school staffs at Shemford are dedicated towards the education and all the fun activities. For them, the freedom and security of a student is at the top of priority list. The teaching faculty has all the levels of education cleared that is required to work in a school. As per the feedback reported by the parents, Shemford provides the best infrastructure. Also the teachers are highly skilled and have a specific subject. In this manner, the school has skilled teachers for all the subjects. Also, for the co-curricular activities, a different committee is established who excel in particular sports. This helps the students to learn about a particular sport from professionals.