Novembers glow of the autumnal lengthened nights

As designers colour does play an important role within our specialism as a form of communication by its universal messaging, getting the colour palette spot on before handing over the presentation folder to the client is like playing Russian Roulette. Colour plays an important role in the world we live in. It can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate or soothe your eyes, raise your blood pressure or suppress your appetite. When used in the right ways, colour can even make sudden and life changes choices on the world. All in all colour is most truly irreplaceable, and with our pantone swatches forever growing our colour palette is going to continue to spoil us.

Red means “stop” and green means “go”

Throughout November we have used the power and wonders of colours to inspire both you and ourselves. Follow the CBTHBN #UNEARTH series and find out what we’ll be gathering if relation to the traditional Christmassy month that is December.


There sure is no better place to be in the autumn than amongst the golds, reds and yellows of the woodland, yet the colours that stop us in our tracks don’t always have to be outside as demonstrated by Chris Forsyth.

Chris Forsyth Photography

Forsyth sees his city differently to others, the scenes which are often overlooked have been carefully analysed and shared for everyone to appreciate as much as he does. After winning the International Photographer of the Year in 2015 Forsyth focused on his passion of photography by heading off on an adventure allowing him to focus on particular project he had ear marked.

Forsyth hopes to show how beautiful these public spaces can be. Whilst commuting day in and out it can become quite a monotonous task, which we why we find that the distractions of our mobiles phones, tablets or iPod soon become glued to our hands for the entire duration of the journey from A to B. Why not next time take a look at everything you might be missing right out of the window next to you. Take a look at what Forsyth is currently up to and give him a little ‘follow’ on social media, we promise you wont be disappointed:


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