Rule Britannia? Is every man an Island or are we better off together?

Todays marks an important date — especially for our generation. Before you roll your eyes, this isn’t another article written to radically enlighten your decision on to vote in these final hours. Instead we have decided to delved deeper into the political unknown and read up on these crazy hypothesis.

If you had asked either of us at the start of the year if we were politically minded, better still, if either of us were even interested in politics we would have probably given the face you gave your parents at the age of 18 when they said “have you forgotten how to put your plate in the sink?”. Some months further into the new year we began to hear the term ‘Brexit’ being thrown about, our first reaction was who is this is guy? In all honestly we didn’t take it seriously and didn’t know what it meant, well not to begin with anyway.

Brexit? Who’s he?

The idea of Britain leaving the EU came as a joke to many people, something an outspoken politician had dreamed up. However, this is not the case and it very far from a joke — instead we find ourselves halfway through 2016 about to make one of the biggest decisions our generation will have to make. But are we better off in or out?

Lets go into a little background history, things we have learnt on our quest to understand this predicament we find ourselves in. First off this is not the first EU referendum we have held — we first joined the EEC (European Economic Community) in 1973 when the treaty of Rome was signed. Two years after this in 1975 the then Prime Minister Edward Heath, offered the people a vote to stay part of this new economic community or leave. At the time the government accounted they were in favour of staying in but following this, much like the fallout we have been in the run up to the our 2016 referendum, other prominent figures voiced options stating we would be better off out.

‘In 1975, 67% of the population voted to remain’

…and here we are 41 years later, members of a very different EU to the one we signed up to. Yet as a generation we know very little on how the EU actually works, what our membership entails or indeed what it is like to live outside of the EU. Over the last three months both sides have shown their true colours and neither is pretty. It is now up to us, the general population, to make an informed decision and to do this we must meander through the scaremongering and shit flicking that has come to represent this referendum, trying our best to find truth and developing our own informed opinions.

Wake up and smell the roses

For the first and possibly the last time in our lifetimes, the future of our country is in our hands. We have been given a responsibility. Many people may see it as just another ballot paper, but it is so much more. We need to realise this is bigger than choosing to vote for the Mad Raving Loony party, simply because you couldn’t care less about British politics. This is a vote that will truly affect each and everyone of us, the importance for our generation to take control and stand up for what we believe is crucial. Having our say for the future development rather than letting both politicians and the older generation make those decisions for us.

As we stated at the start of the article we’re not here to butcher on about cost cuts, percentage of jobs being lost or how the health care will be effected because then we would be as bad as the tabloids — we want to shed light on the importance of a united nation and getting our country back. It doesn’t matter who has our vote, what does matter is that you take your time. Don’t vote out because you’re concerned about immigration, and equally don’t vote in because you like weekend breaks. At CBTHBN we aren’t about scaremongering or bullying but about learning and standing up for our beliefs. Whether you’re firmly in favour of remaining part of the EU, desperate to leave or still sitting on the fence — before you go to the polling station we have one simple ask and that is that you do your homework.

We have a moral obligation to vote, vote wisely.

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