Welcome to the world of SMUGDOGE, the VERY FIRST Doge coin equivalent on HARMONY ONE Blockchain. Think of the beautiful offspring of the fantastic deflationary tokenomics of SafeMoon and DogeBonk mixed with the fun of the beloved Doge!!

SmugDoge is a deflationary and reflective rewards token! To help launch our community to the moon, 5% tax is applied to all transactions which are distributed to fellow Smuggies just for holding their tokens. Another 5% tax is automatically added to a locked liquidity pool to generate an ever rising price floor! Consequently, please make sure to put at least 11% slippage in order for transactions to succeed!

The process of buying $SMUG needn’t be complicated. If you are familiar with the Harmony blockchain, then all you need to do is click the following link

But as mentioned above, please set your slippage to at least 11% (occasionally you may have to adjust to 11.5% due to the recent volume of buys)

However, if you are new to the blockchain, it can be a little more complicated, hence why we have provided this walkthrough.


You will need to buy Harmony ONE in order to get onto the blockchain. This can be done via a Central Exchange such as Binance. Once you have bought some, you will need to send it to your wallet, as you can not currently buy $SMUG from any CEX. It is strongly advised to use MetaMask. However, to see this in your wallet you will need to have your MetaMask set to Harmony RPC. In order to do this, please add a custom RPC endpoint. The following doc shows how to do this. https://docs.harmony.one/home/network/wallets/browser-extensions-wallets/metamask-wallet

In brief, the following needs to be added to the RPC

Recently there has been a slowing down of the network and you may need to use an alternative, in which case please use the following link https://docs.pokt.network/home/resources/public-rpc-endpoints/harmony-metamask

You should create an RPC like the attached

If you already are familiar with the above but have tokens on other chains such as BSC or ETH then you will need to ‘bridge’ them over to Harmony. The easiest way to do so is to use Harmony bridge. Please follow the instructions here to bridge https://bridge.harmony.one/busd

Please note due to increased demand the times taken to bridge may be slower than usual.


Once you have ONE in your wallet then you will need to transfer ONE to $SMUG. Currently the best place to do this is on DeFiKingdom. Their DEX currently has the best liquidity. So please click here And press the blue trade button

If you do not have an account you will have to create a profile

Click on the character name, click on any icon you prefer and then click on create profile at the bottom. You will then need to agree to the contract by confirming and paying minimal gas. Please note this is usually a fraction of ONE. That then brings you to this screen

You will need to scroll across to the left to find the trader

If you then click on the trader it brings up this page

Once you are here please click on the gear icon

Please set your slippage to at least 11%. Please do not worry about the warning about being frontrun

Then put in the amount of ONE (or whatever Harmony blockchain tokens you want to swap — common bases are found by clicking on the arrow next to the ONE — this brings up the following

If you need to import any Harmony blockchain tokens you have to swap that aren’t listed you will need to click on the manage button and import.

You should now be able to swap — hopefully you should see the following screen

Once you click on swap and you will have bought $SMUG. You should be prompted to add the token to your MM —

Please do this and you then will see the token in your wallet.

If you are having problems buying or selling $SMUG on DFK, make sure that:

1) You are buying with less than 2000 ONE in one go

2) Slippage is set to at least 12% (it should work with 11%, but if people are buying lots of it, or selling lots of it, it has to be 12–13%)

3) If you are, for example, buying 3284290000 SMUG or whatever the zero, try making it 3284290001 (replace last zero with 1 in the end), and it should theoretically go through. Sometimes, when you don’t do this, you get a “issues estimating gas Uniswap V2 issue with one of the tokens you are swapping” notification

Hopefully now you should now be able to join our SMUG ARMY and then sit back and watch the juicy reflections flow!!!




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