the power of om_ssion: music

so i went a week without music. let’s have some background.

i mix music. i (attempt) to make music. i shower-eat-walk-work-read-sleep with music.

the first day of silence was a relief; turns out i needed a break from constant brain stimulation. the next few days were characterized by a shitty moody and desire to get away from people. i found myself longing for a beautiful soundtrack, and started rewatching Mad Men as a result. last few days, i was starting to get used to life without music. my mind was more at peace, more thoughtful than usual. the quiet gave clarity to my thoughts.

i’m writing this right now while listening to music, and longing for silence. off.

but more important is the fact that giving up something fundamental in life wasn’t as hard as i thought it would be.

next week: netflix.