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What does your typical day as a serious crypto trader look like?

Well, it probably starts by checking out CoinMarketCap, then perhaps logging into TradingView to get more detailed charts and predictions. Of course, sentiment is important too, so you have to check Twitter, Medium, YouTube and numerous blogs and news outlets as well…in a world where news spreads like wildfire and a single tweet by an (often anonymous) influencer can send a particular crypto asset’s price soaring or sinking, you don’t really have a choice. The next thing you know, there’s 15 tabs open in your browser, each telling you 15 different stories, and instead of clarity, all you’ve got is headaches and confusion.

(Of course, this doesn’t even include all those excel sheets you’ll be updating manually.)

There are three main reasons why getting good information to base your crypto investment and trading decisions on can be so hard:

1) It’s so new. Cryptocurrencies are less than a decade old, and the fact is that there simply aren’t a lot of people who truly understand them that well at this time. This, combined with the massive surge in prices we saw last year leads to speculation, commentary and excessive hype (or scorn) being heaped on a given project by people who a) don’t understand finance, b) don’t understand the technology, c) have some kind of ulterior motive, or d) all of the above. This is a nice segue to reason #2…

2) The sheer amount of noise in this space. You have millions of folks using social media and blogs to share their opinions about cryptocurrencies, and that’s hard enough to sift through. But on top of that, there are nefarious figures doing the same to manipulate markets for their own gain. Even for experienced investors, it can be extraordinarily difficult to determine who is offering good insights, who is intentionally sowing Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD), and who is just trolling.

3) Everything is so fragmented. Look at all those sources we mentioned above. Even if you do manage to filter out the noise, all the good information is so scattered and siloed that you’ll spend half your day just trying to piece everything together. Even tools like TradingView can’t give you the whole picture in one place.

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As fintech professionals and cryptocurrency investors and traders ourselves, we decided that just wasn’t acceptable.

Our Solution

Imagine if there was a single product that could provide you with all the fundamentals and technical tools you need to succeed as a cryptocurrency investor and trader in one place?

That’s exactly what we built with Cryptocurrencies.Ai, a one-stop shop for traders and investors to get complete, actionable intelligence about what’s happening in the market so they can thrive in an uncertain investment climate.

Disclaimer: We are not doing any ICO at this moment and are offering a SaaS product.

Our platform provides users with:

  • Real-Time Market Data: Orderbooks, proprietary analytics, blockchain data and more.
  • Powerful Portfolio Management Tools: P&L statements, detailed industry outlooks, correlation, optimization and even rebalancing.
  • Thorough Coin Research: Detailed overviews of each project, including use cases, the team, advisors, communities, currency charting and performance to date.
  • Social Sentiment: Overviews of sentiment on any project across all major social media platforms, as well as blogs and mainstream media.
  • Crowdsourced Innovation built by the Cryptocurrencies.Ai community: Financial models, applications, and more.
  • Data Feeds: Connect with major exchanges, generate custom indices and obtain data pertaining to specific exchanges and blockchains.
  • Trade Execution: Best price discovery, smart order routing, and trade execution.

Who Are We?

We’re a team of developers, engineers, and financial experts who’ve worked at some of the world’s best companies. Most of all, we’re passionate believers in the potential of cryptocurrency.

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We started Cryptocurrencies.Ai because as traders and investors ourselves, we were struggling with the lack of tools for the cryptocurrency market which fit our needs. We want to contribute to the growth of this industry by doing what we know best given our rich background in financial data & tech at Bloomberg. Our mission is to increase adoption and demystify the confusing and often chaotic world of cryptocurrency with clear, objective, and high-quality intelligence.

In a crypto world awash with scams, hype, market swings and just plain bad data, you can’t afford to settle for mediocre or incomplete information.

The current decline in the crypto market has seen a lot of fear, despair, and “I told you so”s from those who dismiss the technology. We understand the current bear market is nothing in the long term. The dot com bubble did not kill the internet, and this market downturn will not kill cryptocurrency either.

We’re still very, very much in the early stages of cryptocurrency adoption, and those who arm themselves with the right knowledge will prosper in this new era of decentralized finance.

The Cryptocurrencies.Ai Beta is launching soon! Don’t miss this chance to be an early adopter for this powerful new platform. Sign up for the email list to be the first to know when the doors open at

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