The Father Of Mindfulness on What Mindfulness Has Become
Drake Baer

A wonderful way to keep the “spiritual” in the mind, body, spirit — and without judging the “mcmindfulness” of it all . In 2016, there were 667 published research articles on mindfulness — in 2006 there were 47. The increase in mindfulness supply is in direct response to the rise of personal technology, yes, and perhaps also to the increasing demands to do more with less at work, the overload of perspective that passes for information, and the decline of civility in public discourse. Whether you go to an MBSR class (well worth it — we did), become a yoga teacher (did that too), or get a mediation app (tried it — deleted it), taking up a practice of some sort for about eight weeks will inform you why it’s the new bright, shiny object. It works.