CNA Week 7

New Witness Steps Forward in Peyton Manning’s 1996 Sexual Assault Case

Greg Johnson was present in the room with Peyton Manning, Malcolm Saxon, and Jamie Naughtright when Naughtright claims the sexual harassment occurred. Johnson Says that Manning is one to be friendly with many people to make them feel included and comfortable. When asked by administration, Johnson claimed nothing more than Manning’s mooning happened.

Washington Wizards May Not Make Playoffs

Washington Wizards did not come out out the gates strong at the beginning of the basketball season. The Wizards seem to be gaining ground as they pull neck and neck with the Golden State Warriors. With the tough schedule Washington has faced, it is uncertain if the team will make playoffs.

Packers Re-sign Kicker Mason Crosby

General manager, Ted Thompson, announced Wednesday that the Packers will be keeping their reliable kicker, Mason Crosby. The contract will keep Crosby off the main market. He will be staying with the Packers for another four years.

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