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Thursday, March 22

Department Head Leaves

New Head of Purchasing Apartment Appointed

Mountain East Medical Center is promoting assistant head of the purchasing department the new head after the old head of the department’s resignation.

Bob Wilkinson, the previous head of the purchasing department, was a graduate of the state university’s school of hospital administration in 1972. He has been with Mountain East Medical Center since 1975 after working for a small community hospital as the purchasing chief.

“Bob’s abilities will be greatly missed at this hospital, but I know that Johnny Toler is a person we can all depend on to do whatever is necessary to keep his department going. I have great faith in him and in this hospital,” hospital administrator Harry Illscott said.

The new department head, Johnny Toler, has been with the hospital for 13 years and has a background in pharmacy. He began as an assistant druggist in the hospital’s pharmacy then moved to the purchasing department in 1978 after the pharmacy closed.

Toler and his wife Carolyn, the head of the gynecology department at MEMC, have two children.

“This hospital means a great deal to me and my family, and I will give my best efforts to making our purchasing department the best. I learned from a fine man — Bob Wilkinson — and I hope I can continue to build on the foundation he established,” Johnny Toler said.

Mountain East Medical Center is located in Sierra, NJ, and is dedicated to improving the lives of all those who step through its doors. MEMC has over 50 years of medical experience and employs the best of those in the medical field. MEMC is renowned for its enhanced medicinal knowledge and technology.

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Liberty College

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Friday, March 22

Tuition Decrease for Liberty College

Board of Trustees Meets to Discuss Cost Cut for Tuition

The board of trustees for Liberty College meet on March 22 to decide that tuition prices will be lowered next semester 10 percent for all students.

The president of the university has polled most of the board and is very pleased that the board generally agreed about lowering the tuition cost.

The president explains that over the years, the tuition was raised and students, especially those living out of state, were effected.

“With more and more people attending junior colleges and other universities in the state, we have recognized that hose who want to come to this university must have some relief,” the president said.

The tuition decrease will effect in-state, out-of-state, graduate and undergraduate students. Tuition costs estimated per semester for the past five years will be cut 10 percent for the next term.

The overall enrollment for the university has increased in the last five years from 14,500 to 16,275. Last year, the total enrollment was 16,700. Applications for next semester are down and if this rate continues, enrollment is anticipated to drop 10 percent.

With the tuition decrease, Liberty College is looking to reach all spectrums of students with lower tuition costs.

Liberty College is nestled in the hills of Burrey, NE, and is dedicated to educated students to prepare them for a better, brighter future. Liberty College is the spotlight of Nebraska, directing students with advanced technology and a great environment for studying. For more information, visit

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