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  1. Walmart and Sam’s Club employees will be receiving a raise in their pay. The hourly rate will be raised to $13.38 and begins Feb. 20. Walmart will also administer a paid time off and short-term disability programs.
  2. Walmart funds five universities with $2.8 million for their work in domestic production of textiles. These colleges were awarded the U.S. Manufacturing Innovation Fund to continually work on lowering costs of producing domestically and to better the manufacturing procedure.
  3. Target implements new carts to their stores to make shopping easier and more enjoyable for families with special-needs children. A special cart, dubbed Caroline’s Cart, is specifically designed with a large chair built into the front of the cart, combining a cart and wheelchair. Caroline’s Cart will be in Target stores nationwide.
  4. Apple releases information about new 9.7-inch iPad Pro. The iPad ways just shy of a pound and is equipped with better brightness, color, sound, and picture quality. The new iPad Pro is compatible with the Apple Pencil and a new Smart Keyboard.
  5. Liberty University is the title sponsor for the 2016 Lynchburg Regional Airshow. The U.S. Navy Blue Angels and Liberty University’s School of Aeronautics and Freedom Aviation will be featured in this years show. The show honors those who serve the United States as well as having interactive activities for children.
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