by Chris Williams, Ken Chen, Krist Wongsuphasawat, and Sylvia Tomiyama

Imagine you are a business leader ready to start your day, but you wake up to find that your daily business report is empty — the data is late, so now you are blind.

Over the last year, multiple teams came together to build SLA Tracker, a visual analytics tool to facilitate a culture of data timeliness at Airbnb. This data product enabled us to address and systematize the following challenges of data timeliness:

  1. When should a dataset be considered late?
  2. How frequently are datasets late?
  3. Why is a dataset…

A collection of expressive, low-level visualization primitives for React

by Chris Williams & Harrison Shoff

After 3 years of development, 2.5 years of production use at Airbnb, and a rewrite in TypeScript we are excited to announce the official 1.0 release of visx (formerly vx). You can find the project on GitHub and browse documentation and examples on

At Airbnb, we made it a goal to unify our visualization stack across the company, and in the process we created a new project that brings together the power of D3 with the joy of React. Here are the advantages of visx:

  • Keep bundle sizes down. visx is split into…

By Chris Williams, Eli Brumbaugh, Jeff Feng, John Bodley, and Michelle Thomas

Like many startups, the number of employees at Airbnb has grown significantly over the past several years. In parallel we have seen explosive growth in both the amount of data and the number of internal data resources: data tables, dashboards, reports, metrics definitions, etc. On one hand, the growth in data resources is healthy and reflects our heavy investment in data tooling to promote data-informed decision making. However it also creates a new challenge: effectively navigating a sea of data resources of varying quality, complexity, relevance, and trustworthiness…

Chris C Williams

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