21: Crucible

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My life is a crucible. It is something I welcome. Every day, I fight, weep, cry, give back, and love everyday. It is a journey that has taken me from a small town in Kansas and, like time, is with me everyday. As indicated, I welcome this everyday, every moment, every breath.

So far, I’m winning.

This welcomed companion is not a adversary, it is a necessity. I learn, grow, improve, hone, tune, strech, contract, reapply, and ready to restart the next day.

Life continues. Sometimes I stumble. Sometimes I fall. Yet, I cherish those moments because most of the time, I fly, soar, conquer, and achieve.

My life is a marathon. I attack it by placing one foot in front of the other, repeat. I take notes, notice things, and give myself reports. I write things. Inspirations from previous setbacks or achievements are revisited. I hone that issue and strive to improve.

Jack is my hiking buddy.

Today is a victory. Last week, there was defeat. Yet, the feet have taken my journey to Thursday, January 12, 2017, very well. Creaks, groans, give way to smiles and beams.

My crucible is personal. This is something I wear on my sleeve. I want to succeed. I depend on myself to succeed. So far, I am. The path will take me to life’s graduation day and a new journey will begin. I’m not anxious to get there; I want to be prepared.

Thank you for reading today! Really! I appreciate you stopping by. If you like this, please tap the heart so it can be share. One of my goals is to become a better writer.

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