27: Enter Peace, Inner Peace

Last week I described something that most folks cannot comprehend. I removed the Facebook app from my smartphone.

A funny thing happened on the way to this forum. I feel smarter. The social media time-suck robs you of the ability to pay attention and be in the presence so you can be present. Instead of eyeballs glued to the screen, they are finding surroundings.

My four-paw pals are grateful for this move. While they understand their own social media (smelling), they do not comprehend the humans looking and oogling important yet useless information. (Such as: the earth revolves 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4.039 seconds daily; tomato is a fruit; a cashew is not a nut, nor are peanuts.)

Enter calm

I have time for myself. I’m sure that the Kardashian clan will be ok as I don’t check in on the media fest, and the first 100-days of the new president will have bumps. Yet, I find this new focus a tendency that leads me down to something else I was losing.


At first, I didn’t know what it was. Yet, I knew where I was when I realized what happened.

Inner Peace.

Will wag for karma

I made mention to some of my friends and family wondering if I have fallen off the deep end. My daily pun-o-matic rip-fire look was missing, a friend told me on Monday. In fact, he called to make sure I was OK. Yes, I assured him, I was. I wanted to devote more time to myself, so I could become the man my dog demands of me, and I wanted to escape the rut of not focusing on my wife. After all, I pursued her to spend the rest of my life with her, and I was robbing both of us something that will never return. Time.

Sure, there are struggles and the struggles are real. I kept the FB app on my tablet so I can check in, and drop a few puntastic punches at daily life from the cheese factory (what? you disabrie?).

Setting new ways can be hard, yet rewarding.

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