29: Rain and worms

On a rare daytime stroll

A work project has me busy and stretching my life long companion of “Time”. The routine are 10 hour days and a constant yawn for an impending delivery. The coffee in-take is way up, and the yawns chime-in every fifteen minutes. The top of the hour, it seems I’m hitting the monitor announcing the hour.

There is a reason why they are out of the ground

Woe is me. I step back and remain thankful I have a good day job and a happy home. I’m also fortunate my lovely and joyful bride is understanding. The two pooches tail-wag and get me moving after the hour commute home. I’m so thankful for that, too. The desk job has skewed the belt-line too.

Yet, I have to notice the small things. A recent rainstorm at home has the patio with “lost” earthworms finding their way on the concrete. I gently pick them up and deposit them back in the grass, and hope they do not find the same area again. Jack and Milo remind me to take ’em out for a walk. Wet-nose and all, I get a little bit happier when doing. I also check the clouds as they stream by. With the sun giving more daylight, the dynamic three can extend the jaunts a bit further.

(I find out why the worms are out of their underground lair. They are out looking for mates to keep the population around!)

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