32: Better Than I Deserve

Better than I deserve

If you are a podcast or a talk radio junkie, you’ve probably heard this from Dave Ramsey. His sensible approach to money management is easy. Cash is king and debt is done. Using a Christian perspective, his rules can be applied worldwide for any group.

His tag line is often repeated throughout the daily radio show when asked how he is, and it is always, “Better than I deserve.”

That statement started me to wonder. “Better than I deserve?” Yes, I embrace those words of fortune. I am, in fact, better than I deserve. Events in the rear view mirror of mistakes, setbacks, and personal triumph has led me to apply that line to me. I am better than I deserve.

Past mistakes are lessons learned. Health setbacks and other items are life’s challenges and I have passed. I am standing tall today, proud of what I have achieved. I also know that I’m not perfect in my experiences. After all, the school of life is in session and class is every day.

Graduation day, I trust, is years away. Until then, I will be a good student of life and make progress before the final test.

Yes, I am better than I deserve.

Today, my drive in was eerie at 5 a.m. Fog from the coast spread to the foothills in San Diego county. Straight above, the sky was open and full of stars, yet ahead on the road, the low cloud was a companion on the commute.

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