40: Where was I?

Many days have passed since I wrote. In fact, too many. As I approach the end of my fifth decade and become more nervous about the sixth, I need to do with myself what the lighthouse is doing.


Time is a constant companion, to paraphrase Jean-Luc Picard, and once spent, there is no rewind.

As I drink my morning blend of coffee, and watch the birds scamper about, time to dust this keyboard off. I’m separating myself from the election hangover that Facebook has become. An interesting world-wide melting pot that integrates social, science and swill. Some days the “news” feeds are that: swill.

Then today, I opened up the FB page to find another classmate’s time was up. A lovable guy that had much going for him in good ole Dodge. He graduated his time on earth as a respected dad, family member and a small business owner.

Time to reflect. He did well. He did good. I should continue to do the same.


I’m also feeling the urge to write. Perhaps it is because the keyboard has been silent too long. Letting out expression. Being positive in a negative world. Stopping to reflect on what is right. Learning from the mistakes. Being the roll model that my dogs thinks I am. Supporting my wife as her school year ends.

There’s not a cloud in the sky if you soar high enough.

Thank you for your time — please make this a better day!

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