5 Things People with Chronic Pain Wish Everyone Knew

Mothering with Chronic Pain posed the following question to the chronic pain community: “What’s one thing you want your friends and family to know about your condition?” Each Thursday, we’ll feature your responses to this question. To have your response included next week, please contact me.

photo courtesy of freeimages.com/Bobbi Dombrowski
  • “It’s not that I don’t want to be there…it’s literally that sometimes I cannot.”
  • “We don’t want sympathy, we just want love and compassion.”
  • “I tire out easily.”
  • “I’m not being dramatic. I actually downplay the pain.”
  • “Perhaps it helps if people knew migraine is a hereditary disorder and not pathetic, attention-seeking or a bad stress reaction.”

This post originally appeared on the blog Mothering with Chronic Pain.

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