The Real Reason Why Your Online Store Is Failing

The psychology of online buyers from a NON-physiologist….

Not making sales? Expected the sales to come rolling in? “Build it and they will come” you were lead to believe….

I am not going to use big words to scare you into feeling inferior and stupid. I am just a business owner — come marketing maven who have seen how and why people buy. If you are ready to make big sales in your business you need to understand this, otherwise you are never going to make a sale.

You are not reading this because you are sitting back making millions of dollars a year, you are here because you know something is wrong and you just can’t see the wood for the trees.

I work with eCommerce store owner daily, run my own online stores and also spend time in different groups helping people who can’t get sales. And I see this issue come up time and time again.

Having no sales is not because you are stupid, poor, helpless or have a lack of time or help….. It is because of the these 2 main reasons:

  1. Lack of experience
  2. Listening to so many false stories of ease and “make money without working”

I will cover the 2nd point in more details shortly.

Firstly to point #1 — Experience

Experience as a store owner will change your life. Experience with anything changes your life…. There is a reason why it is said that you need 10,000 hours experience to become an expert. Some of the best lessons come from failing. And boy can I vouch for that! The lesson I learnt from manufacturing in China when I was a 26 year old female, with no outside help changed my life! The best lesson I learnt from that is NEVER take advice from someone who has not done it themselves! Since then I have always hired business coaches and been in masterminds (inner circle’s of like minded people doing the same as you).

You are going to gain experience as you go, and as your business develops you will learn more and more about your target customer and their wants and needs.

However this is where a good business coach steps in or a great mastermind group. Trying to go it alone is what slows down the whole process, it is what keeps you from excelling and becoming your best. If you have read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill — one of the #1 selling books of all time, you will know that he swears by masterminds/inner circles. It is a space you can fast forward that 10,000 hours of experience ahead by being part of the insiders circle.

Point # 2 — The Lies We Hear.

Yes there are a few cases of easy instant millionaires from an online business. However mostly you are only hearing 1/2 the story.

NOW before you get nervous, I am not at all saying this is all too hard. It is not! It can be done, however Tim Ferriss from the 4 hour work week- he doesn’t work 4 hours a week…..

When setting up a business you either need time or money.

All those people saying that it’s easy are most probably lying to you. It is not as easy as that and I always want the full story before I accept what they say.


This is the number 1 problem I see currently. Firstly people like you are told to just get advice from a FB group — now while this will be helpful if an expert is helping you, but when a member of the general public gives his opinion based on nothing but his opinion then you can be in big trouble. many of these FB groups are a wild west of people with too much time on thier hands…. (the reason why I closely monitor all comments in my group).

9 times out of 10 this is the situation I see:

Q: “I spend $400 on FB ads and I got lots of traffic but no sales” A: “Get a bigger audience” or “ You need to change your targeting”.

When I see these questions the first thing I do is check out the person’s sales page and 9 times out of 10 I find the issue there. The answer lays in the initial question “I got lots of traffic but no sales”

HERE IS WHY: (I will be totally blunt)

Your website is either a) Confusing b) Uninformative c) hiding in the background d) Crap & well below standard of the price you are expecting.

Let’s look at these each individually:

a) Confusing- Do you have too much stuff on your site? Are you telling people on every page of your site your main selling points (Think Victoria’s Secret, that site always make it clear on shipping discounts, both on the site and in every email). Don’t make people have to look for the answer hidden away, one of the biggest cart abandonments is about shipping. So keep it clear. Also provide videos and a live chat option so people can learn more instantly if they are confused.

b) Uninformative — If your products have something unique make it clear. Think about your website as the “BEST SALESPERSON YOU COULD EVER EMPLOY” They work 24 hours, never forget to inform your customer or information, answer questions before they are raised, dispel doubt, show the item in every light, explain every way the item can be used and keep talking highly about the item. Never write a half thought about description. Remember what you would expect from a sales person…

c) Hiding in the background — After spending all this time and effort on a website and building a business, make sure to stand out! Social media is free. You are living in the most important time of online business…. The options are there and not everyone has taken advantage of it yet. YOU take advantage. Stop hiding from all your potential customers.

d) Crap & well below the standard of the price you are charging — Just plain crap. Maybe you are on a budget and someone told you to go ahead and design your own site. Maybe your computer screen shows colours differently (Yes this is a major issue, ask any graphic designer). Maybe your cousin said they are great at websites and you feel horrible now telling them you hate is so you keep it. Maybe you think all those little bits or images and messy looking icons look good. Really I don’t care what the reason is, but I can tell you while you make excuses you are not making sales. I am not here to be nice and stroke your ego, I’m here to make you money. And I can tell you that the longer you don’t listen to this the longer you are left behind. I see this issue ALL THE TIME!

Last week I saw a post about not making money and I looked at the website and the person was selling plastic water bottles for $20 on sale (which I could buy for .50 cents) NOW HERE’S THE THING….. Sure, almost everything expensive has a cheap alternative. No lady “needs” a $8,000 Gucci handbag… But the bag still sells out. Just like this water bottle. I think there is a HUGE market for $20 plastic water bottles (if someone can sell a jar of air for $150 then ANYTHING is possible!). Back to the plastic water bottle… It’s not that the bottle is over priced, it was just that the bottle was not aimed at the right market. The first thing you need to think about when selling any item is “WHO am I selling to?” Is it a person looking for a quick fix, a daily need or a status symbol? This $20 water bottle would come under Status symbol. If this person was looking for a daily need “a container to carry water from point A to point B” the consumer would by the 50 cent equivalent (or fill up an old coffee jar — as it is normal in Thailand).

This is where the psychology of a consumer is VERY important. There is nothing wrong with any reason why someone buys. But if you don’t know or want to acknowledge why someone buys then you will never be able to sell them on the purchase…..

Let’s go back to this plastic water bottle. The bottle is trendy, the bottle is fit for purpose, but the problem is the images on the website are far below par. This is where the owner of the business needs to look at other websites and social media platforms where thier intended buyer is also buying or looking. And being a status symbol item then you need to make your item look like a status symbol item. Think Coca Cola, it’s $1, it’s a sugar water, but they promote it as “drink this drink if you are/want to be sexy, cool and want to hang out at the beach all day and have beach bonfires at night”…. They don’t show a fat guy in a wife beater in his trailer surrounded by 12 kids on welfare….

It’s all about PERCEPTION! What do you want people to perceive will be thier life if they buy your item?

Using this water bottle example again. The images were all taken on a old 1970’s kitchen bench top with trash in the background…. Now take a look at the people selling a competing product, you don’t need to go far to find images on Instagram of families in a park using similar water bottles, people running and smiling with a great instagram filter making the people in the photos look like models, making even myself want to spend $20 on some plastic because I am sucked into the world of that image.

I currently have a client who has a very successful business, she is all about meeting people in person and teaching them, her photos she takes are VERY practical… BUT NOT “Instagramable”, So I find images to use for her business that are of the exact items and use them for promotions. Just changing her images and her website back in January has more than doubled her business.

Your images need to tell a story people WANT to buy into.


#1 Be brutally honest with yourself — Hiding behind the “It’s good enough will never get you anywhere.”

#2 Step away from your screen and start to think like your customer. Put yourself in thier shoes. Are they a gym freak? Mother with 3 kids, 65 year old yoga lover? BE THEM, do they like what they see, does your site make sense? Is your website THE BEST SALESPERSON YOU COULD EVER HAVE?

#3 Look at the reasons you have had returns/complaints. Can you add these issues into your Q & A section

#4 Pick up your game with images — Pay someone if need be. You will never make sales with bad images

#5 Check out your competitors. Are you playing the level of game as them. Customers are savvier than ever so you need to live up to thier expectations.


Don’t listen to people unless they have done it themselves but make sure you listen to the person willing to take thier credit card out.

Stop just waiting for things to change. Take action and start doing things differently.

Join a MASTERMIND/INNER CIRCLE. Take it from Napoleon HIll…. Think & Grow Rich.

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