Warning! Don’t make these mistakes

Ripped off! Cheated! Robbed! Lied to!

These are just some of the words I read from eCommerce store owners daily in Facebook groups.

Sometimes these people have definatly been ripped off, other times it is just a lack of knowledge that caused this issue.

It’s one thing to jump in with a great new business idea! And don’t get me wrong! I LOVE ACTION TAKERS!

But for every part of setting up a business that is “Super easy” there are almost as many issues.

It is resolving these issues that makes a business go from ok to GREAT!

If you are sitting there saying “It doesn’t matter if my images/text/buttons/pages are not right”….. then you WILL FAIL!

I guarantee it!


You need to stand out from the crowd and as long as you are 5% better you will win… whether that is faster, clearer, more informative….

Take charge and find out how you can be better and how you can GET MORE SALES!

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