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I Walked in Circles Until You Hunted Me Down

“grayscale photo of woman under umbrella walking on suspension bridge” by Johannes Roth on Unsplash

It was a terrible idea to watch those scary movies. I never had the stomach for blood and gore. It’s interesting how all the Freddies and Michaels plague my mind more than the horror in the news.

I’ve become too desensitized to the real world, so I use my subconscious to search for fear in the fictitious one.

I drive myself crazy with the sounds of bones breaking and flesh tearing apart. The hero reduced to nothing more than a play-toy for the villain. Senseless killers whose motives drive the film’s plot.

After several nightly marathons, something prompted me to walk around my neighborhood.

Do not fear the dark because there’s no such thing as ghosts.

There’s no such thing as supernatural creatures hibernating in the shadows.

There’s no such thing as death by demon hands.

The devil doesn’t work that hard in real life.

So I walked in circles through the night. Screaming, “I am here for the taking.” Daring them to prove me wrong. They could never fool me, but this night made me pick up my pace. After my third lap, I kept an eye out for any suspicious movements in the dark.

I had a gut feeling I should take tonight a little bit more cautious than I intended to when I walked out the door.

Sounds of leaves crunching under my feet mixed with the cold wind sent chills down my body. My theories about the real-life demons and monsters were actually about to come true.

So, I kept walking. I made track loops and figure eights. I took shortcuts and scenic routes, but nothing left out towards me.

That is until I reached my 13th lap. Yes, the number 13. How we chant its name and bow down to it at the same time. How it creeps up on us with seven years of bad luck.

The suspicions rise higher, and the intuitions grow stronger. Our eyes wander a little longer, and our breathing speeds up a little faster with every step we take. I turn down the next street, and it’s going to be this time that you come for me.

I’m walking and checking every angle, making sure that nothing is following me. Then when I least expect it, I’m going to turn, and you’ll appear in front of me. Yes, this is lucky number 13.

So, I keep walking and walking and walking until finally, you hunt me down and then…