Procrastination is a Bitch to Overcome, But It’s Possible to Defeat It

Ceirra Burton
Mar 13, 2018 · 5 min read
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Hello fellow readers! How are you today? Good? Fantastic!

Today, I want to talk about something everyone has struggled with at some point in their lives. If you haven’t, then you have a terrible poker face and you should seriously reexamine your entire school career.

So what’s the topic of discussion? That’s right, procrastination! That evil nasty little word that creeps into your vocabulary and can persuade you to do the worst things faster than your slutty best friend after three shots of tequila at a bachelorette party in WeHo.

It can make you push away assignments or tasks, whether big or small, and save them till the last minute. Then, you realize your deadline is tomorrow and it’s 8:05 pm on a Sunday and you must lock yourself in your room and stay up all night to write three papers, finish two math assignments, and build a diorama of your family’s medical history. There’s also that book you were supposed to read two weeks ago, but now you have to Sparknotes that shit and type up a book report like you were Truman Capote breaking the latest Hollywood scandal.

Once everything is completed, what did you just learn about yourself? That you work very well under pressure and baggy eyes are making a fashion comeback. Move over, James Dean!

However, some people can’t do that. Some people crumble under pressure and don’t recover as stylishly as you or I would. Some people need to plan out everything. Some people make their own deadlines and this doesn’t just apply to school. It can apply to life.

There’s been a countless number of times that I’ve pushed things to the side and didn’t want anything to do with it, but when push came to shove (who came up with that by the way), I gird my loins like Stanley Tucci told me to and completed my tasks.

Every since middle school, I’ve struggled with procrastination. Even the tips that I got from Ned Bigby from his declassified school survival guide couldn’t help me tame the beast. It’s not something that you want to have, especially being a business owner and having tons of people rely on me to make decisions that best serves them and 92ARTIST Productions. The feeling of laziness and exhaustion can sink into me and hit me really hard, especially if I overwork myself, which I have a tendency to do.

I naturally take on a leadership role and if I put too much pressure on myself, I can crack like Humpty Dumpty when he fell off the wall. I can also lose motivation to get things done when I want to, especially if I have a bad memory associated with the task I’m working on, like editing or writing.

Sometimes, I don’t have time to work on things and I push them closer to a date I know I can get those tasks done by. However, that’s not always a good thing, because this fickle, sneaky little bitch called Life has a funny way of fucking up your scheduled priorities.

Sometimes, you just want to blame everything on being an adult. Then, adults older than you will take it upon themselves to tell you that you’re too young to be complaining about being tired. Like once you’ve reached a certain age, you get the privilege to monopolize exhaustion.

Procrastination is something that can easily be fixed by setting realistic goals for yourself. If you know you are a fast learner like it says under your special skills on your job resume, create shorter deadlines to get things done.

If you’re an early riser, one, there is something seriously wrong with you (can you tell I’m not a morning person). Two, add more things to your day cause you know that you’ll get everything done by 5pm, because that’s how you roll.

If you usually have a late start, give yourself less things to do in a single day. If you’re a night owl like me, one, how dare you fuck up your sleep patterns for the sake of your art (says every parent and early riser who doesn’t understand us). Two, create a block schedule for yourself to get things done during a certain time at night or even during the day.

If you’re a slow learner, then you need to speed the fuck up.

I’m just kidding, readers. There’s nothing wrong with retaining information like a tortoise at a track meet.

If you have a hard time absorbing information at a quick pace, give yourself longer deadlines. Make it a long-term goal and only have the things that you know you can get done quickly smashed together during the day.

I definitely try to set deadlines for myself in order to get things done on time. However, I suck at sticking to my own deadlines. I can follow other people’s schedules and deadlines, but when it comes to putting together mine, I end up looking like that Kermit the Frog meme when he’s talking to himself in the hood.

By telling myself I could always do things tomorrow or pushing things to another day, it doesn’t help me in the long run. It just prolongs the problem. So, it’s crazy to think I have so many responsibilities and take on the leadership role so much, that I would struggle with procrastination. But, I do and that’s why I try everyday to get something done, just so I can get to the end of the day feeling somewhat accomplished.

Even if it was something as simple as making my bed or taking my dog for a walk. I want to feel like I did something with my day and not feel stressed out or exhausted from feeling like I’ve gotten nothing done.

It’s okay if you feel like there are things you need to do, but suddenly feel like you don’t want to get them done. If you want to combat those thoughts, just think of how rewarding it would be to have things done by the time something fun and exciting comes around. You could enjoy your free time or days off, instead of stressing out over what hasn’t been completed.

Sounds tangible,right?

Again, start small and set realistic goals for yourself according to what you know you can handle and before you know it, that to-do list will get shorter and shorter until there’s nothing left on it.

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