Tearfund monitoring and evaluation officer, Mr. Benjamin Chikan recently conducted a review evaluation exercise of the CCMP approach at Adiyes community using the nine [9] wheels assessment tool. The assessment tool shows a progression mark from 1 -10 for the participants to circle at what level they were before they started CCMP and the level they feel, think and are convinced to be when they started CCMP to the time of the assessment.

The Programme Coordinator, CCDP, Mrs Josephine Goro told the participants that the exercise is not aimed at witch-hunting anybody but is to help Tearfund works more on areas that impact communities and charge them to give the true position of the assessment.

The M & E Officer added that the exercise is to help Tearfund focus on areas that are of more benefit to communities and not waste time and resources on areas that don’t show any significant impact on communities.

The 9 wheels assessment tools are:

Social connections

Personal relationship

Living Faith

Emotional and mental well being

Physical health

Stewardship of the environment

Material assets and resources


Participation and influence

At the end of the exercise, Benjamin Chikan affirmed that a glance through the mappings show that Adiyes community has attained a remarkable achievement from the time they started the CCMP Bible studies to the time of the assessment and prayed that the next time the research will be conduct, their achievement will be at 100percent.

Participants wrote different stories on their most significant change and what led to the change from the 9 wheels of change assessment

Lisence Pastor Haruna Sihitse buttressed the community’s level of change from the time they started CCMP to the time of the assessment and said even though he is just a year old in the community but what he has seen them do as individuals and groups as a result of CCMP is amazing. He added that one of the groups contributed money and gave the Church to procure a piece of land for their Nursery school which they have gotten and planning to start developing it.

The exercise culminated with the enthusiasm community members displayed when each of them happily identified with the variety of farm produce they farm.

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