Microdosing Mushrooms Journal, Take 3: Unpopular Opinion

The Clumsy Gypsy
Dec 9, 2018 · 4 min read

A couple of weeks ago, I started an experiment: Every three days, I was to micro-dose on mushrooms and record the effects. I was very optimistic, for I’d heard a lot of anecdotal accounts of people experiencing subtle but noticeable changes in their thoughts, emotions, productivity, and energy levels.

(Note: In practice I’ve ended up spacing the micro-doses out by more than 3 days.)

The fist two times did not go as planned; I noticed nothing the first time, so I increased the dosage just a bit…and noticed nothing the second time, either. I started with about .09 grams and went up to around ~.13 the next time. Today, I decided to really go for it (relative to my body size) and take .2 grams. This is still very much a micro-dose; some even consider it a small micro-dose.

In my research I’ve found that most people seem to notice subtle changes with .2 grams, though I did come across one source that named .2 grams as the lowest starting micro-dose. Here are the results…

Vital Signs

Pulse: 88 BPM (up from 82 BPM a month ago, before the experiment began)
Blood Pressure: 119/82 (up from 109/77)
Weight: 42 KG (exactly the same)

I took my pulse when resting, so the increase could be normal daily variance or it could be due to the mushrooms. Many people have difficulty sleeping if they take them too late in the day, which could imply that they’re somewhat stimulating.

The variation in systolic blood pressure can be explained by the fact that I was exercising before taking my blood pressure (oops). However, during/after exercise, diastolic blood pressure actually often drops. So the fact that in spite of the exercise, my diastolic blood pressure is significantly higher than last time I checked it makes me quite suspicious that the increase is due to the mushrooms. Especially because it was also significantly lower the last few times I checked it, not just last month.

Other Metrics

Thoughts: For me, I didn’t notice any changes in my thoughts. My mind went through its usual back and forth, up and down, changing its opinion drastically about future plans a few times during the day, as usual.

Creativity: No noticeable differences.

Emotional: There was something on my mind today that has been bothering me. It’s about an interpersonal problem that occurred yesterday, which was to be addressed through dialogue with another person today. I did feel less of an urgent need to get it addressed immediately than I would some days…but this is something I’ve been working on, regardless of mushrooms. And I still want it addressed, I’m just feeling a little bit more patient about it. Conclusion? I’m not sure.

Social: Same as usual.

Body: I felt nauseous in the morning (not violently, just a mild annoyance) for the first hour or two after taking the mushrooms. And yes, I did take them on an empty stomach, as indicated.

Capabilities: No noticeable differences.

Outlook: No noticeable differences. Same old back and forth between positivity and pessimism.


I don’t think taking .2 grams of mushrooms improved my everyday experience in any significantly positive way. It is possible that I owe them credit for helping me be more patient about addressing an interpersonal problem, though not definite. What it did do for sure was make me nauseous and raise my blood pressure and perhaps pulse. I still think there’s a chance that I’m simply not taking a high enough dosage.

I do have one more theory as to why the micro-doses don’t seem to be producing the same effects in me as I hear about in others: For the past couple of months, I’ve been really skinny considering the fact that I’ve been eating like a normal human being. I took some antibiotics over the summer, and I wonder if perhaps because of that my gut is simply not absorbing certain nutrients. That would explain my failure to gain weight as well as the lack of effects from the mushrooms — if it’s not getting absorbed, it’s not going to have an effect. Today I started a course of probiotics, and will try the next dose of mushrooms after one month of probiotics. I’ll take .2 grams again in one month, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll try .3 grams a few days later.

Got stories of micro-dosing on mushrooms yourself? Has it helped you? Have you also not noticed any effects? Have you noticed negative effects? Please share your experiences in the comments so that we can continue to grow our collective body of research.

This article does not promote or recommend the use of illegal drugs. Many of the substances referenced to in the content are illegal in many countries. This article does not constitute medical advice. As always, please consult your doctor before taking any medicine.

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