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Tracking the Virus

The coronavirus pandemic is at the top of everyone’s mind right now. COVID-19 is killing thousands of people every day and devastating the lives of millions more. …

One of the oldest ways of playing games in the world is cards. They’ve been around since the 9th century. And all the groomsmen at the wedding I was at a few weeks ago were playing Pineapple on their phones through the whole wedding.

There’s something meta about implementing playing cards in a video game system. Cards themselves are a way of virtualizing and abstracting a game.

Starting today at 4:30pm on our Twitch channel, I’m going to stream the process of writing one of the simplest card games — Blackjack — from scratch. From there, we’ll build on that work to create a more generalized system for making card games.

Image for post
Image for post
Here’s a stock photo of some cards.

Updated October 30, 2019: We’ve really enjoyed hanging out with people in the streams so far. So we added another week of streams. Some of them will be in-depth continuations of previous topics. See you there!

As part of Castle Halloween Party, we expect some people to show up who have never used Castle before. So we’re putting on a series of tutorials on how to make things with Castle.

We’ll publish one each day from Friday, October 25 through Tuesday, November 5. The content will be a mix of basic stuff to help you get started making your first game (or art), some stuff about unique Castle features, and some stuff about more advanced topics like doing 3D graphics. …


Charlie Cheever

Co-founder at Expo

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