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When I read this bill, it seems to me your headline intentionally mischaracterizes it. As you bury below the fold in the thirteenth paragraph, there is nothing in the bill that requires a school or district to volunteer any information about any student. 
In your example, if a student identified as one gender at school and as a different gender at home the school has no obligation whatsoever to notify the parents. 
Your headline reads, “Texas lawmaker’s bill would force schools to out LGBT students to their parents.” Unless you received no training as a journalist or writer, you know that is intentionally worded to infer that notification was required, not simply disclosure of records. You continue that fallacious discussion to the very end knowing only about one in four people even read below the fold. Finally, you state what is actually the author of the bill’s primary defense of it as being true, but their could still be unintended consequences.
I get you have to write for your readers if you want to keep your site going. People just don’t click stories about how we’re making progress and working together. 
I just want to remind you that by failing to report both arguments equally you are only adding fuel to the fire of the hate ripping the nation apart right now. You are literally responsible for degrading people’s trust in the news media to the point Donald Trump could just dismiss any claims about him as media bias against him.
If you really want to gain the acceptance of LBGTQ people into society the first thing you have to do is stop digging the ditch between us deeper. John Adams, Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, Nelson Mandella — these men did not change the world radically my insulting their opponents, misleading the public or ramming their beliefs down people’s throats via court and executive orders. They simply stated what they believed to be true and suffered the reaction. 
They were threatened, beaten, sprayed with fire hoses, tear gassed, ridiculed and even imprisoned for decades. The endured it, because they knew people don’t change — they evolve. Now their beliefs are accepted as conventional wisdom. They lost all the battles happily, knowing they would win the war.

Which is more important to you? The battle or the war?