The New Father’s Disposable Diaper How to

The mother is asleep and you just heard the baby starting to stir after an impressive sounding fart that is very suspicious. When you brave a peek, you discover, Oh yes, that’s a stinker. Do you wake Mommy up? Do you brave the inevitable. How long do you think she’s going to carry diaper duty on her own, before she hands you the baby and says, “figure it out!”?

Here are the steps on how to bravely change a diaper.


1. Get a new diaper

2. Make sure wipes are available. Pull out a few wipes and set on the side of the changing table that your dominant hand can reach easily

3. Pick up the baby

Steps to success

1. Lay baby on back. Talk to them. Ask them to not pee on you or wiggle too much.

2. Unsnap the onesie or remove the pants.

3. Open the new diaper, place the side with tabs facing upward under the baby. The tabs should be at the waist of the baby.

4. Open the tabs on the dirty diaper.

5. Take a wipe and remove the poop from the front of the baby’s genitals.

6. Set the wipe in the dirty diaper.

7. Take a wipe and gently turning the baby on its side, remove the poop from it’s backside.

8. Slide the dirty diaper out from under the baby. Leave the clean diaper.

9. Double check that all the poop has been removed.

10. Remove any stubborn poop.

11. From the back, pull the side of the clean diaper that does not have tabs up to the baby’s waist. Cover the entire booty and genital area.

12. Un-stick the tab on the back on the left side. Pull it over to the front and stick it to the left front of the diaper.

13. Un-stick the tab on the back on the right side. Pull it over to the front and stick it to the right front of the diaper.

14. Put the clothing back on.

15. Pick up the baby and snuggle for a moment.

16. Dispose the dirty diaper in the correct receptacle.

Success. You are going to be the hero when Mommy wakes up. You can’t beat that!