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Cussing as a Spiritual Practice

Sometimes cussing is a form of armor used to disguise a lack of vocabulary or general insecurity and fear. Sometimes it’s an act of rebellion against the falsity of civil society. And sometimes it can be a spiritual practice that sets a person free.

“You’re not a cusser,” he informed me. My own embarrassment was all the confirmation I needed. He was right.

It’s kind of funny, really. I knew he meant it as a compliment. But I also realized that I had allowed myself to become typecast in roles that didn’t give me permission to be fully human.

And I need a Jesus that doesn’t mind a little cussing so long as I’m not cutting someone down and it’s true to who I am and what I’m trying to communicate and I’m not saying it just because I’m afraid of being left out.

My point is this: The faith journey is a paradox. Sometimes just when you’re closest to the truth, you look the farthest away.

Veteran freelance writer and author. Future yoga and mindfulness meditation instructor. Passionate about helping fellow artists and caregivers thrive.

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