CCisDreaming — Metaverse’s First-Ever Digital PopStar 🦄

3 min readDec 1, 2021


‘CCisDreaming,’ is a non-fungible token (NFT) personality best described as a prototype for *all* metaverse entertainers in coming years.


CC is a Starseed who has come down from another planet to assist in Earth’s ascension process. She only exists in the metaverse, but as the metaverse grows to encompass gaming, film, animation, advertising, fashion, etc., she will be ubiquitous.

CC has a dual personality. One operates during the day, the other operates in dreamland. She is a performer. Her music features airy, electric sonic palettes with deep and dark avant-garde lyrics that encourage fans to look through duality and define their own reality.

CCisDreaming’ will officially debut during Art Week in Miami on Friday, December 3, from 10:00 pm-2:00 am at the Metaverse Teleportation Dome in a secret location. This exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime event will kick off “Entertainment 3.0,” a parallel entertainment industry that builds on blockchain in the Metaverse. Powered by Solana & Metaplex, supported by Vera Labs & Slope Wallet.

CC will be the first NFT project that performs and interacts with an audience in a 3D Digital live show.

She’ll release her “Intro to the Dreamworld” Video showcasing the world of her mini-universe within the bigger Metaverse.

Following the video, she will perform her two original songs “Voices in My Head” and “IDiedLastNightInACarAccdient.

She will also exhibit 9 different dreamworld collaborations with 9 different visual artists.

All of these pieces will be minted as NFT’s on the Solana blockchain and will be ready for sale through an online auction on a future date.

This historical debut show and launch for CCisDreaming is truly a collaborative effort of top minds.

The live show is directed by award-winning creative director Amber Park. One of the leading creative directors of today’s Gen Z zeitgeist and as a true paragon of her generation, who has collaborated with artists such as Camilla Cabello, Katy Perry, Ty Dolla $ign and etc.

The “Intro to the Dreamworld” video is directed by Curry Sicong Tian, who started as the student academy Award Gold Winner and held various roles including 3d motion designer, concept/digital artist, illustrator, animator, photographer, creative director at studios internationally.

The music of the video is done by Bassjackers, a world-known DJ, producer, and early adopter in the Web3 space.

Not to forget the 9 talented artist who co-create 9 different dreamworld with CC.

Dream World 1: Love Perfectio: Ariya Akhavan

Dream World 2: Space Eploration: Curry Sicong Tian

Dream World 3: Childhood House: ZyaStudios

Dream World 4: Robotic self: Zuheng

Dream World 5: Live in Jungle: Nix Liu Xin

Dream World 6: End of the World: Yetong Xin Reraner

Dream World 7: God creating human: Daniel MA

Dream World 8: Absurd: Suki Violet Su

Dream World 9: My inner demon: Yulia Shur

They are the core community that fully supports the ntertainment 3.0 world and supporting CC, as well are pioneers in demonstrating how future community work and collaborates together.

And it all starts on December 3. If you can’t make it to Miami, you can also watch history unfold live at

The future is already here. Will you be?

Don’t forget to follow CCisDreaming’s social & be a part of this social experiment!

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