10 restaurants we wish we had back in Warner Robins

Justin Baxley

The city of Warner Robins has grown over the years and added many great restaurants during that time. Despite the growth and numerous choices, there are restaurants that we miss having around. Here is a list of 10 places we are longing to taste again.

1. Shakey’s Pizza: The pizza could rival some of the best in the state and the all-you-can eat bar was an added bonus. While they are known for tasty pizza, the thing I miss the most are Shakey’s Mojos, a potato that was fried and served as an appetizer or at the all-you-can-eat bar. The service was wonderful and the baseball card vending machine that sat to the left as you walked in the door was a nice touch. This place had it all including a small arcade room. It changed it’s name to Jimbo’s in 2013 before closing for good in 2015.

2. PoFolks: This place served up the best food this side of Mama’s kitchen. Whether you got a vegetable plate or a piece of country steak you were bound to leave full. The restaurant closed despite being a hot spot for lunch as people from all over Middle Georgia flocked to eat their homestyle southern food.

3. Pomo’s: It was called the “House of Barbecue” and its name held true. Pomo’s served up some of the best BBQ in the Warner Robins area and was a local favorite for lunch and dinner. They even had a “Mama’s Home Cooked Supper Night” where diners could have hamburger steak with three sides, a piece of bread and a sweet tea for $4.95.

4. Maryland Fried Chicken: While you can still pick up a bucket from Kentucky Fried Chicken, those in Warner Robins remember a time when they could head down to Watson Boulevard and pick up a fried chicken dinner in the form of a box, bucket, barrel or special. They had 21 herbs and spices and took a direct shot at competitors with the slogan “The difference is delicious.”

5. Taco Grande: Two Words: soft tacos. This place was known for it’s square shaped soft tacos that they would sell by the box. The portion sizes were one of the many reasons people enjoyed Taco Grande as they held true to the grande name.

6. 20th Century Cafeteria: A cafeteria style restaurant with home cooked meals. Diners would walk through the line picking out their food and carrying it to the table, a concept that is still done today at places like S&S. The 20th Century Cafeteria was the place to be on Sundays after church. Some of the favorites included chopped steak, fried chicken and macaroni and cheese.

7. Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant: Know in town for its combination dinners, customers could choose from a variety of entrees to pair together like a taco and two burritos for under $3. Plus, their salsa was touted as the best in the area. It was a favorite around the city and certainly one that people would love to have back.

8. Tasty Freeze: The vanilla ice cream cones dipped in chocolate were a local favorite. The Tasty Freeze also had burgers and onion rings that were just as tasty as the ice cream. While Warner Robins has frozen yogurt and ice cream shops now, they just aren’t the same as a nostalgic visit to Tasty Freeze for an older generation.

9. The Shipwreck: A seafood place with some of the best shrimp in a landlocked town. For those who didn’t like seafood, Shipwreck’s cheeseburger was their go-to. It was a popular spot for those looking to pick up a meal and head back to work specifically, those who worked at Robins Air Force Base.

10. Quincy’s Family Steakhouse: It is hard to find a perfectly cooked steak but Quincy’s was as close as you could get. While diner liked the steaks, they loved Quincy’s yeast rolls. They were buttered and were served hot. A fresh roll from Quincy’s is something that is still talked about and missed in the area.