How to Take Care of Yourself When Social Media Has You Down

Shayna Waltower

Has social media had you clenching your fists lately? Chances are, your daily routine has enough to keep you busy and your head spinning. Social media should be an outlet for you to post pictures of your dog doing a handstand, not to read a friend’s angry comments on your timeline. So, when those you have followed and befriended are letting you down, here are five ways you can destress from the virtual chaos.

1.Go meet with actual friends. For many of us, the 500 hundred people we follow on Instagram or our 900 Facebook “friends” are not our closest companions. Take some time to have dinner or spend an hour at the gym with people who won’t degrade you for having an opinion that may differ from theirs.

2. Limit your time online. Spending two or three hours a day on these sites may not be the best practice for keeping a clear head. Kill a little time while you’re on the elevator or waiting in line for coffee, but don’t let these posts consume too much of your time (and headspace). You have more important, constructive things to do.

3. Take some personal time. Social media is full of others’ opinions, so remember to step back and remind yourself that you matter. Your views and personality are part of what make you unique, so don’t be afraid to celebrate your differences from popular opinion.

4. Have a healthy diet. This may seem like an unrelated solution, but the foods that you eat have a large effect on your stress level throughout the day. Replace donuts at breakfast and ice cream before bed with more water, fruits and vegetables. This can lower your anxiety level and help keep your body relaxed.

5. Finally, Hit the “X” and take a break! One of the best solutions for a stressful social media experience is to disconnect yourself from it all. Logout of of these sites and apps, and turn off of your notifications. Focus your attention on a more constructive activity, such as reading, playing a sport or watching a movie. Give your mind, eyes and body time to recuperate. However, while you are detoxing from social media, don’t forget that a dose of updates from the Social Newsdesk can add a healthy pep to your day.