Thanksgiving TV Binge

Shayna Waltower

The Thanksgiving holiday is stuffed with food, family time, and hopefully, plenty of time for rest and relaxation. For those few days where your bed is too cozy to leave, grab your laptop and some leftovers and snuggle up for hours of continuous entertainment. Here are five movies and series that are perfect for this time of year.

  1. “Harry Potter”
  • Everyone has seen these movies, but have you watched them recently? This film series has the perfect dose of mystical action to add to your holiday. If the first movies in the collection are too dated, the “Order of the Phoenix” (2007) is a good place to start, and you will still have plenty of hours of the remaining films to enjoy.

2. “The Chronicles of Narnia”

  • If the November weather in your area is not cold enough for you (hello, Macon!), this movie series will take you into a frosty world covered with feet of snow. Let the three Pevensie children guide you through nearly seven hours of magical, adventurous streaming in these three films.

3. “Friends”

  • If your family’s shenanigans aren’t enough, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel, Ross, Chandler and Monica have 10 seasons of fun to keep your humor high. When your family starts talking politics, feel free to tell them that you’d love to join in, but Monica/Phoebe/Ross/Joey is up for a new job and you have to find out if they get it.

4. “House of Cards”

  • You thought the election was over, but — plot twist! — Kevin Spacey is the new president, and he will take you deep into the White House to show you some of D.C.’s most confidential secrets. Once you have finished half of the first season, you will find it nearly impossible to stop any time before the last minute of season five.

5. “Bob’s Burgers”

  • If you still haven’t decided on something to watch while your turkey digests, let this series be your pick. Have you ever thought your family was dysfunctional during the holidays? The Belcher family might have taken this term to another level. Netflix features five seasons of laughs (and more food) that can give you just what you need to finish off the break.