Day 7 — See Also Nasal Cavity Infection

As I mentioned in my first post, I embarked on my Whole 30 adventure last weekend (essentially). I prepped on Sunday for a week of eating according to the new plan.

Throughout the inaugural first week of changing my diet, the unexpected happened, and I got sick. At first I thought it was just a cold. But no, it was something even more exciting. I thought perhaps a sinus infection, my face was swelling around my nose, it was warm to the touch, looked a little bit red.

I missed a day of work Thursday, went into work and toughed it out on Friday but finally on Saturday decided I needed to consult with a professional.

Diagnosis: Nasal Cavity Infection

  • As a side not the Urgent Care doctor cheerfully informed me this was “very unusual” and I should follow-up with my primary care physician next week. I didn’t appreciate the “very unusual” description given how cranky I was on Saturday.

Treatment: 7 days of antibiotics

It really was unfortunate timing. As I complained to my boyfriend on Saturday morning pre-doctor, “I’m sick and on a weird diet. Take care of me!”

The good news is, I survived the first week without taking any short cuts, nasal cavity infection and all. I stuck to THE PLAN and ate within the Whole 30 constraints.

How am I feeling?

Well, apart from the nose thing, which still hurts on day 2 of antibiotics by the way. I do not recommend an infected nasal cavity. In any case, apart from that, I’m feeling pretty good.

Social Life

I survived some serious social temptation. A good friend of mine was in from out of town and we of course had to take him out for drinking one night. So, I followed the crew along, not eating sushi, not drinking beers and sipping on glasses of water all night. It was…not as horrible as it might sound. The worst part was the end of the night when we ended up at an awesome Japanese place known for its fried chicken and everyone was drunkenly chowing down on one of my favorite snacks out. But honestly, the main part of that which was challenging was being so sober. The chicken I was not THAT tempted by.

I also found myself at a friends house over the weekend. Said friends have all junk food known to man lying around. They also have kids, so there is an over abundant collection of quick snacking items and candy available. I survived that as well. I brought some of my own food and it was fine.


During the early part of the week I was hungry at times. Part of that was being hungry at work, so I started packing a little extra food towards the end of the week. However, by the end of the week I wasn’t feeling as much like eating between meals. And today (Sunday) has been fine even though I probably haven’t eaten a ton. Part of the appetite thing is also probably due to being sick. I was out of sorts so much of the week that definitely effected my appetite.


Not to be gross but…my poops have been awesome. Pre-Whole 30 I had some…issues lets say. No need to discuss the details, but so far during the Whole 30…I’m super regular and normal in that department. Interesting right? I am going to be a little more methodical about the reintroduction of food than I thought based on the poop situation.

Food & Cravings

The Whole 30 food is fine. I haven’t had any serious cravings but I have wistfully gazed at a slice of pizza more than once. I also may have yearned for a girl scout cookie I saw my friend eat. But, it hasn’t been too bad. I also have been enjoying what I’ve been eating. There were a few mistakes made. For instance the egg muffins I made last weekend weren’t my favorite. That was part my fault, part the recipe. I still have 5 unconsumed muffins in the fridge I am probably going to toss. I also made A LOT of chili, which in retrospect was a mistake. While very convenient in all respects, I also don’t love chili on a good day. So Whole 30 chili with just meat, tomatoes & seasoning was not my jam. On the flip side, I also made some very tasty things, roasted veggies with curry sauce, chicken meatballs, carnitas and some killer mayonnaise. Overall, I learned a few things and some of those recipes will be living on past the Whole 30.

This week I’ve had a much less regimented approach to the food prep. I just was feeling bad over the weekend and not home last night. But I did some shopping today for chicken salad fixings (making that tonight) and am going to make wings and sweet potatoes for dinner. Well, that last part is in progress. I’m writing this during a break in the action. I did not however do an epic grocery trip for the entire week tonight. I will probably regret that at some point when I have to crankily do midweek shopping, but I just couldn’t hack a big day of prep given how I was feeling.

So we shall see.

Onto Week 2.