The Club of Opportunites- FSO

Do you ever wonder what club on campus is best for you? FSO knows just how to welcome all students. The Fashion Student Organization at Kent State is the second largest club on campus, while being the largest fashion club on campus. FSO is an organization for students at Kent State, fashion majors or not, to come together to gain experiences with new people and learn about the world of fashion while participating in many events and hosting meetings every month to get the members involved with activities that will benefit the student’s futures.

The Fashion Organization participates in many events such as multiple fashion shows: Art of Contrast, Goodwill Show, and Soroptimist organization also has guest speakers come in frequently to talk about job opportunities and what it’s like in the real world of the fashion industry. FSO had a panel of interns who are currently or are former Kent State Students to allow students to ask them questions and also to inform them how they got their internships, what to expect, and give their best advice to future fashion pursuers.

This organization was founded in 1983 by the faculty advisor William Perrine and has grown every year since One of the most recent additions to the club is the FSO scholarship available for fashion students to apply and potentially gain a $500 scholarship. One thing the club is very proud of is the New York City weekend trip they take every year to show the members around the Kent State studio in New York and also give the students an opportunity to wonder the streets of the city to see what a life in New York Fashion would be like

“This club has taught me so much about myself, my self-confidence, and how I want to be viewed as a person in the future,” stated Sabrina Pierotti, the current FSO President. “I’ve learned how to become a good public speaker and how to answer simple interview questions. I can also say that I am very confident in a conflictive situation because I now know how to deal with all kinds of personalities in all types of situations and how to communicate with those people properly. I am really honored to have this experience and take the things I have learned with me throughout life to help me get where I want to go, being the President has had a really big impact on my life thus far and I can’t wait to see what else it brings.”

In this club there are a board of members that lead the meetings and give guidance and direction to the members to help get the students involved with the activities and make them feel comfortable to participate. The mission of the Fashion Student Organization is to provide opportunities to the students at Kent State to be engaged in once in a life time events. Also, they aim to make every student feel welcome to express their creativity in multiple areas such a designing, communicating, styling, and many other areas.

Another main goal is FSO is to broaden the networking circles of students who wish to have a career in the fashion industry, build a student’s resume, and keep the students open minded to fashion topics that someone may not have considered until they saw the benefits of it in FSO. The club helps with these things by taking the annual trip to New York City, offering the scholarship, and simply by engaging with the students to get feedback on what they would like to get out of the club so that the board members can set up guest speakers and events for the students to participate in

“The Fashion Student Organization provides so many great opportunities for students that I think every single one of them should take advantage of,” expressed William Perrine, faculty advisor.
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