Episode 5

Sam forcibly reached into the car, grabbing a fist of Lacie’s hair and pulling her through the door. She screamed in pain.

“Don’t CONTRADICT me!” Sam was enraged. He threw her to the hard ground. Sam stormed to his trunk and heaved the dead body over his shoulders. The weight of the dead man on his back did not affect Sam in the slightest. Sam was not nervous or even incognito. She couldn’t tell if he knew no one could see or if he just didn’t care about getting caught. Lacie screamed, even if no one would hear she needed to let it out. Sam walked further into the woods, leaving Lacie behind. Once Sam was out of view Lacie ran towards the car. She got inside and searched for keys or a phone anything that would help. The only thing she found was a pocket knife, which she quickly hid in her boots. Out of nowhere Sam was back. He grabbed the shovel and struck Lacie in the back of her head. The next thing she knew Lacie was in the middle of the woods laying next to the dead body. She looked up to the lunar sky filled with asteroids. She did not feel cold because of the pain in her head but she knew hypothermia was a risk, warmth was vital. She felt the surface of the earth and tried to sit up, but was too weak. She took a scope of the situation and was terrified. Sam dynamically stood over her, digging harder and harder into the ground.

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