First episode

His hands shook as he planted the shovel in the ground again and again, but she still screamed “No.”

“Shut up and help me dig!!” His veins were throbbing as he shouted at her.

“This is not right, we have to go to the police!” She was hesitate, but she grabbed the cold metal shovel.

One month earlier…

“New school, new people, new me. Even if there’s barely a 1,000 people in this town.” Lacie thought as she entered the doors to start her junior year. School spirit was huge here. John Everett High posters, banners, and their mascot, the mighty duckling, was printed all over their hallways.

“Quack! Fight! Quack!” The varsity football team roared by. Lacie couldn’t help feeling overwhelmed.

“You must new here!” A perky ginger girl popped in front of her.

“Uh yeah how could you tell?”

“Well I know everyone at this school all 400 of us!”

“Cool.” Lacie searched for an excuse to get out of this conversation.

“Let me show you around! My name’s Sky” Sky yanked Lacie down the hall.

“Wow you must have creative parents.” Lacie was already regretting coming to school today. As they walked up and down the stairs of JEHS, Lacie could feel everyone staring at her. Maybe it was because everyone seemed to know Sky and even like her, despite her name being a noun. John Everett High had close to 400 kids, almost half the population of the town. Starting a new school was nerve wracking enough without everyone singling her out. In such a small town Lacie worried that all the girls were perky good girls like Sky and all the boys were football loving jocks who have had more concussions then books read.

“First period is starting soon, where are you headed?” Sky clutched Lacie’s schedule out of her hands.

“Oh no we don’t have any classes together!” Lacie had to interject.

“Oh no what a shame.” Lacie barely finished that sentence before she snatched back her schedule and toke off down the hall.

“Ok room 236 you can do this you can get through the day.” She rushed through students. “8:23 basically halfway through the day already.” Lying to herself was the best way she knew to make her feel better, well that and Netflix. “Ok finally room 236. Now what class is this?” She did a circumspect on the room and students for clues. Jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, artistic, and goth every group in this town had a representative. Lacie found a spot in the back, which her mom told her not to do. Lacie’s constantly called her an extrovert stuck in an introvert’s mind.

“One more look around there has to be someone you can talk to!” Lacie thought. Persistent to make a friend today. Just as she was about to give up, she saw him.

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