Siddharth Chadha’s Campus Placement Experience at Manipal

We spoke to Siddharth Chadha, an Electronics and Communication Engineering student from the Batch of 2021 of MIT Manipal. He entered college determined to focus on his academics but later got into various activities with multiple clubs and served as the National Secretary at IAESTE India. He also served as an organiser for TEDx at Manipal University. He took up projects such as LUMOS (helping dentists perform routine screening on patients) AND REV-X (an initiative to convert the old, dilapidated IC scooters and convert them into pure EVs.). In his summer vacations, he…

Joshua Solomon’s campus placement experience

We spoke to Joshua Solomon, a Mechanical Engineering student from the batch of 2021 of MIT Manipal. The founding President of the Toastmasters club at MAHE University, a young leader with an extraordinary range of extra-curricular achievements and all-around skills, Joshua was able to secure an offer from ZS as a Decision Analysis Associate

Interviewer: How does it feel to work at a firm as reputed as ZS?
I am grateful to God for getting a management consultancy role which I aspired for. More than a thousand students applied for the same post, naturally many…

Arav and Anuj’s campus placement experiences at Manipal

We spoke to Arav Saraff and Anuj Narang, Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology students respectively from the batch of 2021 of MIT Manipal.

An avid tech enthusiast, with a keen interest in various programming fields such as software development and web applications, Arav served as the General Secretary of IECSE MIT Manipal and IT Manager to IAESTE LC Manipal during his 4 year time at campus.

Anuj had a very eventful time at MIT as well. He served as the Administration Head for IAESTE India, and the skills that he gained…

Mahir’s Campus Placement Experience at Manipal

We spoke to Mahir J, a Computer and Communication Engineering student from the batch of 2021 of MIT Manipal. As a student, Mahir was deeply involved in IAESTE Manipal chapter and also served as its Chairperson. In this article, he tells us about his preparation for the placement season which helped him secure an offer from the multinational technology conglomerate Cisco.

Interviewer: Where are you working right now, and can you briefly describe your role in the company?
Mahir: I’m working as a Project Specialist in Cisco. My team works towards procuring the software and…

A Business Disruption refers to any innovation that drastically alters the norms followed by all the major players in an industry

From a Consulting perspective, understanding the occurrence and the success and failures of business disruption is crucial to help clients adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and to find innovative solutions to their grievances

The Internet is filled with many glowing examples of positive disruptions that have changed an industry forever, be it Apple with the Iphone or Amazon with the online marketplace. The abundance of such success stories may suggest that once the prospect of a disruption is found…

Problem Solving/Case Solving Competitions form an important part of the Consulting experience in college. They provide a window into the world of consulting as a career, and also provide an opportunity for budding consulting enthusiasts to prove their skills to their colleagues and future employers.

Participating in these competitions can seem daunting to newcomers, hence we have compiled a FAQ for all things related to these events, so that you can have a great foundation to start your journey.

An alumnus of Manipal Institute Of Technology, Karanveer Aneja now works as a Business Operations Associate at ZS. Throughout his college…

It can be said with a certain guarantee, that most articles, reports and essays that anybody can find on the Consulting Industry are focussed on huge corporate and financial institutions, innovative marketing strategies and overwhelming business turnarounds. Consulting’s knack for finding solutions to challenging problems attracts attention and respect. These challenging problems however are not unique to economics and commerce. Socio-Economic troubles in any country are often the most complicated and challenging problems anybody can try to solve due to the vast variety of factors involved such as social behaviour, government responsibility, political opportunities and economic viability. …

Any successful consulting company garners a roster of prominent clients that come to them to find solutions to specific problems that they face in running their companies. Sometimes these problems can be solved with a few tweaks and nudges to push growth in the right direction, and sometimes they need to be solved with a complete turnaround of the established order. …

The commonly accepted definition of Consulting is often formulated as

“Being engaged in the business of giving expert advice to people working in a professional or technical field.”

While this is an accurate definition to understand the basics of Consulting, it severely undervalues the innovation and hard work required to continually provide “expert advice” to professionals across a variety of industries.

To go beyond this simplistic definition, we look at some real Consulting Stories that illustrate how consultants provide valuable counsel to premier companies that help them steer their ship when the oceans are rough, and the problems are plenty.

“When you give everyone a voice and give people power, the system usually ends up in a really good place. So, what we view our role as, is giving people that power.” — Mark Zuckerberg

From starting as a “Harvard-exclusive” social network to connecting billions across the globe, Facebook has emerged as the most prominent social media platform in the world. MySpace, on the other hand, laid claim to that coveted title from 2005 to 2008, after which a series of unfortunate events led to their downfall.

What made Facebook stand out in comparison with MySpace? Let’s have a look…

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