Start your Call Of Duty YouTube gaming channel now (27 video ideas)

I write this post while the Call of Duty games download to the xbox. I’m tired after playing Battlefield 1 all last night while a friend was playing ‘Rainbow’ (AKA Rainbow 6: Siege). And most people are crowding Black Ops 3 servers because kids aren’t getting the game till Christmas. FPS games are more relevant than ever. I want you to start your gaming channel. Here’s your video topics for a month.

Will Ferrel in ELF

Christmas is the perfect time to launch. Why?

  1. Call Of Duty players will get gifted the game.
  2. New viewers just got that new macbook from Aunt June.
  3. Most viewers under 22 years old have 2 weeks off from school.

Here’s the strategy future media mogul:

YouTube Search Results for ‘infinite warfare best…’

Start with the search bar

The best way to get content ideas early in a game release is the pre-release YouTube search bar. Your viewers want to know these things. Most importantly, you can expand upon the search results.

‘Best’ Gun Videos

Call Of Duty has classes and weapon types. Start with weapons. Here’s six videos.

  1. Best Assault Rifle
  2. Best SMG
  3. Best LMG
  4. Best Sniper
  5. Best Shotgun
  6. Best Handgun
  • *Pro tip: keep your videos 3–5 minutes. Your viewers want information on these searches and not entertainment.
Epic Weapons in Infinite Warfare

Infinite Warfare added Prototype guns to multiplayer. They are earned by collecting Salvage. Select one of the six weapons for your ‘Best Prototype Weapons’ video. That’s video number seven btw.

  • RPR EVO — Bosozuku
  • Reaver — Machete
  • EMC — Avalanche
  • R3KT
  • DCM8 — Masochist
  • TYP2-Butcher

For video #8, people will want to know what the ‘best gun’ is overall. Go with an Assault Rifle or SMG because these are the most played weapon types in the franchise.

Best Class Set Up Videos

Here’s where you teach your viewers about the best attachments and perks to accompany the weapons. Perks are going to be crucial here. Here’s the next series of videos.

Tier 1 Perks

9. Best Stealth Set Up

10. Best AR Set Up

11. Best SMG Set Up

12. Best LMG Set Up

Tier 2 Perks

13. Best Sniper Set Up

14. Best Shotgun Set Up

Now, you have one more video to make. In Infinite Warfare they have characters known as ‘Rigs. It’s just a different name for the ‘Specialists’ on Black Ops 3.

Tier 3 Perks

Rigs will affect play style. Your viewers want to know who they should be. Create video number 15 showing them the best rig. Remember, there are 3 options from rank 1. But, there are more options as you progress.

Rig selection screen

It gets better. There is two Call Of Duty games in this release. Infinite Warfare should be the first batch of videos because it is sold individually (MW4 Remastered is bundle only). Plus, Infinite Warfare is more foreign due to being all space-y. But, once you are finished with that game, switch over to creating content for Modern Warfare 4 Remastered.

Your final video series will be:

16. Best Assault Rifle

17. Best SMG

18. Best LMG

19. Best Sniper

20. Best Shotgun

21. Best Handgun

  • We are excluding the ‘Best Rig’ and Best Prototype’ video because MW4 does not have these features.

22. Best Stealth Class Set Up

23. Best AR Class Set Up

24. Best SMG Class Set Up

25. Best LMG Class Set Up

26. Best Sniper Class Set Up

27. Best Shotgun Class Set Up

That’s the list. 27 videos. Get started right now. Oh and let’s hangout on twitter. My name is Connor Moffitt, what is yours?