Week 1 Reflection (Submit Below as a Response)
Jenny Han

I am an eclectic. I am an admirer of quality humor, of interesting science, and of high quality food. And if I could be found at any place in the world on a weekend, it would be the Philz on Forest, where I can listen in on start-up conversations with Kendrick Lamar playing in the background. I love to adventure, and I love to give back. I am appreciative of the goodness in the world, the ability to do good, and the people who go out and actively pursue it.

I am studying bioengineering, with a focus on biomedical sciences. My hope is that I can one day help build molecular technologies that can benefit a lot of people. Additionally, science has given me the ability to educate: it has given me the opportunity to enrich young minds with the beauty of genomes and proteins, all the while making the more complicated science a lot more grounded and relatable. I think that my ambitions for pursuing science and engineering are rooted in the idea that with this knowledge and these skills (and a little bit of dedication), I can be included in a rather exclusive community and work on making this science and technology a lot more accessible for others. And that idea alone is empowering.

I think that my personal and STEM identity are deeply intertwined. I cannot imagine pursuing any other field of study because nothing can be as fulfilling to me as helping advancing our expansive understanding of life while helping benefit the very life we seek to understand. I think that my intentions in science can be a little eclectic, as not a lot of people want to go into pure research. So I think their unison is fitting and has created an identity for me that my friends believe is characteristically “Cindy.”

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