The Clinton Foundation, a $100 Billion Slush-fund?

To use an old metaphor, if Hillary’s woes were an iceberg, the email scandal would be just the tip; the bummock would be the slush-fund that is the Clinton Foundation. If we’re to believe Clinton and her partners in the mainstream press, the Clinton Foundation and its arms are a non-profit conglomerate of well doers. If we’re to believe well-vetted financial analyst, Charles Ortel — it’s a flat out one-hundred-billion-dollar fraud scheme masquerading as a charity.

‘Wall St. for Main St.’ Charles Ortel interview.

In this recently publish ‘Wall St for Main St’ podcast, Ortel spills the beans on the Clintons’ and the rogues’ gallery that allow them to bloom. Despite Hillary’s claims — in this recent CNN interview — that her charity has “disclosed everything,” Ortel details how the Clinton Foundation has potentially committed “tens-of-millions,” of solicitation fraud violations due to the misleading nature of their public documents. This is because each individual solicitation (by phone, Internet, mail order, ect.) for donations is a felony crime in a number of states.

Hillary’s recent CNN appearance

Hillary sheeple and blinker wearing Democrats will write these claims off as another Clinton nothingburger.

Nevertheless, I believe all open minded citizens will find great value in evaluating Ortel’s claims. He’s a Yale and Harvard grad who has ‘blown the whistle’ on other high-dollar financial misconduct in the past.

After a brief retirement, Ortel decided to double check the Clinton Foundation’s credibility after hearing some worrisome comments made by Hillary Clinton about the foundation’s charitable work. He’s spent the past fifteen-months diligently sifting through various publicly available records from the foundation, its entities and its donors. His troublesome findings are being published as a series of reports on his website.

Here are more Charles Ortel interviews related to the Clinton Foundation. Be prepared to be shocked as many of his revaluations are truly jaw-dropping.

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