Meena Kumari

Depends on what you want to do with those two fields… But first, this is how you get down to each item in the Tasks array:

jq '.Tasks[]'

From there, let’s say you want to output each task in this format: “<Name>: <ExecutionStatus>”, you could:

jq '.Tasks[] | .Name + " - " + .ExecutionStatus'

That outputs:

"CISCISE_Advisor_CreateTask - Failed"
"CISCISE_SalesRep_OutOfOffice - Passed"

Or if you just want to create a new JSON object out of each task on the fly with just those two fields:

jq '.Tasks[] | {ExecutionStatus,Name}'

That outputs:

"ExecutionStatus": "Failed",
"Name": "CISCISE_Advisor_CreateTask"
"ExecutionStatus": "Passed",
"Name": "CISCISE_SalesRep_OutOfOffice"

Hope that helps! 😀