Common Misconceptions About Inheritance in JavaScript
Eric Elliott

Interesting article. Also, you have awesome hair.

One interesting thing I noticed when reading this was: With constructors, you can’t use ES5 getter/setters with them, you can only use them with object literals. For example, in your last example with a private var, it could also easily be written like so:

var secret = 'secret agent';
get profession () {
return secret;

Doing that with constructors is impossible. Doing that with ES6 classes is possible, but as far as I know, there’s no concept of a private var within the context of a class in ES6. So it’s also not possible.

Another thing you can’t do easily with constructors/classes is use .call() or .apply() on them. (It’s possible, just not a pretty solution). Not an issue with this pattern.

It’s as if there’s a lot of powerful features and methods on Object that work really well with this style of object instantiation but don’t work with the constructor or class pattern. Cool stuff.

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