Shouting Into a Void: Office-Holders, Please Stop Appealing to the President-Elect’s Humanity

Good office-holders like De Blasio & Elizabeth Warren are still communicating to the president-elect assuming he has the capacity to be moved, or fondly recall. Their appeals assume he is reasonable and that he might have any concern for others’ interests & well-being. Or that with the mantle of office now in hand, he might at least act like it.

Office holders: Please stop. He’s beginning to crumple that mantle so he can toss it in a corner come Inauguration Day. I’m fervently hoping he’s premature & wasting his efforts.

The president-elect listens for what he can exploit, distorts that area to fit his aims in, and leaves them there to infest & infect. They grow like poisonous weeds, warping their space beyond recognition.

Your appeals speak of your American good nature & hopeful optimism, and it’s more important than ever that you keep it and use it. But you must recognize & behave with the understanding that it’s not what will have an effect on Trump. It’s not what will work. And continuing to communicate with him as if it were, or might, is a TELL for him. It says he’s safe to continue watering those weeds; that our inurement to his cackling antics is so thorough that we aren’t seeing straight.

You should never give in to cynicism or any habit of supposing poorly about others, but you are not negotiating with a rational person who wants to enter public office in the spirit of service. This person does not have any particular well-wish for his country or fellow people of Earth (not to mention other life here). You are coming up against a depraved, power-mad sociopath. Though in our country we should never have such an occasion to rise to, here we are.

Office-holders: please rise to that occasion.

Thank you.