the ‘rocket man’ remix by young thug & elton john is our new national anthem

today some leaks came out of our pal thug’s remix to “rocket man” by elton john and my first impression is that it’s maybe the greatest song of all time.

thug and elton john go back to december of 2015 when elton (that sounds weird to say by itself) said in an interview that he ‘loves’ young thug and compared him to john lennon.

i’ll say it, i love elton john and i also love his incredibly correct opinion. i love the friendship that’s brewing between thug and mr. john (lol that sounds weirder)

with all that being said, after hearing young thug’s remix of rocket man with elton john and shedding a few tears, i’ve decided that it should replace the national anthem. here’s why.

  • roger goddell i hope you’re listening. if ‘Rocket Man’ debuted as national anthem with a live performance on superbowl sunday it would not only blast the ratings through the roof, but it would almost guarantee the end of kneeling in the nfl because not a single person in the world could disrespect our two icons in such a horrid manner. will rocket man end racism, too soon to tell but it’s looking pretty likely
  • boost nationalism, people will love this country more than ever
  • other than those two there aren’t really anymore but i rest my case regardless

thug harmonizing with elton john is a sound that these ears never could’ve imagined. i’m getting emotional about how important these.

i hope this article gets to “PROTECT THEM AT ALL COSTS” twitter and i go viral lmao

i think i’m going to start a petition or gofundme or some shit.

thank you for your time,

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go browns.

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