“Mr. Olson? When’s the unit test?” Stacy asked before repeating herself once more. “Mr. Olson?” She asked with a calm and gentle voice. Exiting out of the various dating sites, he looked up, startled, and slammed his laptop shut.

“What is it Stace?”

“I was just wondering when the unit test was?”

“Oh, um, this Friday.”

“Alrighty!” She said louder than a whisper but quiet enough for them both to notice. Stacy continued to her desk confidently with a smirk on her face as he Mr. Olson shook his head in disbelief that a 16 year old girl could have such a fully developed body.

Later that evening, Stacey and her close group of friends were shooting texts back and forth about the upcoming senior party that weekend. “We need someone to buy us booze,” Stacey sent, in hopes that her friends have already thought that far ahead.

“My brother already left for college, he can’t help us out.” Stacey’s friend quickly responded, followed by multiple other excuses. We are hopeless, thought Stacey.

“Stace, you should ask Mr. Olson. I totally saw him eyeing you in class today. What a pervert.”

“Ha, yeah right. You’re just mad I did better on the last test than you.” But Stacey knew that her relationship with Mr. Olson was far beyond a typical teacher- student relationship. He’s always been friendlier with her than anyone else in her class. That’s not a bad idea actually, Stacey thought. She immediately started plotting her plan to persuade Mr. Olson to buy her and her friends alcohol. First, she dug through her closet, pulling out her shortest shorts and most revealing tops. By the time she found the perfect outfit for the next day, her room was a pit of skimpy clothes laying on every square inch of the floor.

The next day she walked into third period with the utmost confidence. During the middle of a quiet study time, Stacey made it a priority to walk swiftly to the front of the room to sharpen her pencil. Before she took her seat, she made a detour to brush past Mr. Olson’s desk and accidentally knock over a resting mason jar full of pens and pencils. “Oops,” giggled Stacy, as she took her time bending over to pick each individual writing utensil up from the ground.

“That’s okay Stace, I got it.” But Stacey could hear the nervous trembling in his voice. She looked up to meet his eyes.

“So what are you doing after school today?”

“Well, um, probably going to get my car washed, and maybe get some groceries.”

“Haha wow you’re funny! Wait, why don’t you chill with me and a few of my girlfriends?”


“Yeah, there’s this really lame party tonight, but it would be so cool if you came.”

“Well I’m not sure th-”

“C’mon you have to! You wouldn’t want me all alone would you?”

“Well I’ll consider it Stace. When is it anyway?”

“8, but we’ll show up around 9.”

“We’ll see,” he spat out after trying to withhold all his excitement. For both of them knew, he was certainly going out with Stacy that night.

“Okay great! Just text me if you can.” Stacy whispered so that no other classmate would hear. They already had each other’s cell phone numbers from prior experiences of late night conversations. 6 o’clock came around and still no contact, Mr. Olson didn’t want to be to first to reach out, and sure enough Stacy did at 6:25 sharp.

“Where are you silly?”

“Just putting away groceries.” Even though he sat home all day waiting for a text or call.

“Well finish up already and come to my house, we’re all pregaming here while my parents are out of town.”

“Alright, I’ll be there in 15.” But before he could hang up

“Oh just one other teensy weensy thing, you wouldn’t mind picking up a handle would you? Kylie’s brother is being super lame and nobody else can.”

“Handle. Like alcohol?”

“Yeah, maybe like Svedka or Smirnoff.”

“Oh yeah… No problem, on my way.” Incredibly nervous he walked into the liquor store

“Just this please.”

“Rough night?”

“Haha oh yeah I guess.” He wondered if there was anyway the store owner knew he was buying for underage kids. Finally he got to Stacys house. After hesitating slightly, he knocked on the door and was instantly the life of the party. There were a lot more kids than he anticipated and by 9:15 he finally realized that the party was going on at Stacys.

“Take a shot with me silly!”

“Um, well I’m driving so I don’t think so.”

“Cmon doofus its one shot.”

“One shot” and the two of them proceeded to put down one, two, four shots together. Stacy was officially blacked out and was acting on instinct instead of rationality. She had always been touchy, but now she was feeling Mr. Olson a little more inappropriately.

“What are you doing?”

“Does it feel nice?”

“Stacy stop.”

“What? Why? I thought you liked me.”

“I do but this is inappropriate.”

“Am I not pretty enough, funny enough, come on what’s wrong with me?”

“Nothing Stacy you’re gorgeous bu-” that was all the consent she needed as she began to kiss Mr. Olson and then once he had come to terms with it, followed her upstairs. About three minutes into what could have been a lot worse, the police busted the party and walked into the two naked people touching each other in places that were illegal enough to put Mr. Olson away for a long time. Along with charges of buying alcohol for underage kids, and statutory rape, Mr. Olson was given a 20 year sentence.