I didn’t really like the glass castle story, I didn’t feel like the target audience. On the other hand I did enjoy the other story. It had my attention right off the bat when it was talking about how a baby could pick up a cinder block. I could actually see the look on his face when he dropped it on his toes because a similar thing happened to my brother as a child. I also liked his subtly he mentions his uncle being dead for twenty years. Towards the end it confused me when they started talking about the people the mom has seen die. The drowning girl was easy to imagine, sadly, but a man oozing out green didn’t make sense to me. I demand answers.

My very first memory was in my first house, the second home to my family. Most of it is very hazy through time fogging my memory, and my young mind being foggy to begin with. It was probably around 8 o’clock, because I was unable to see anything that wasn’t illuminated by house lights. I’ve never lived on a street with lights, which always made ghost in the graveyard all the more fun. I’m still not sure how old I was, but I must’ve been fairly young for we moved to my current home when I was 4. My family was out at the neighbors house having a little get together and the loud music woke me up. I was home alone, put to bed, but that never stopped me. My door was left open which was my parents first mistake at preventing my escape, one less barrier for me to maneuver. Along with me I carried my partner in crime, my teddy bear. I never got his name, he always kept to himself, but dammit I couldn’t argue with his results. Swiftly I stumbled at a staggering 1.3 mph through my home, following the sounds of laughter and basketballs bouncing. A fear crept through my body, a fear of returning to my cell, a fear of failure. For I knew that there were two doors that would prevent me from my outside. Thankfully the outer door was a flimsy screen door with a somewhat broken handle, so the combined strength of teddy and myself would be more than enough to slam it open. The inner door was a solid two inches of oak wood, but it may as well have been a titanium/tungsten alloy of sorts. I turned the corner in complete disbelief. My captures had left this impermeable door left open. I hobbled over similarly to a cheetah at full speed chasing and with all my might pushed open the screen door. Freedom. Adventure. Destiny. All these ideas rushed through my head and with my first breath of air in this new world… I let out a screech for my mother. Sobbing because I had nobody to give me attention I heard the wardens voice.

“Chris? What are you doing out here buddy?” He said warmly as he picked me up and carried me to my room.

“It’s okay bud.” He assured me as he patted my back and laid me back into bed, tucking me under my covers. With a flick of a switch, the lights were off and my door was closed shut this time. Foiled. He must have known my plan. Or maybe I tripped the alarm. I knew it was too easy. Tomorrow was all I could think about. Tomorrow I will be victorious.